Friday, November 2, 2007

The Goal Book

I have the preface down. Now all I have to do is bang out another 250 pages and my agent says Okra Winfield will be having me over for coffee. Just as soon as she clears up the bad PR from her school in Africa or solves an ex-wife Beatle-battle with chasing Photags. They murdered Di, damnit!

There is something liberating about writing (saying you will write) a book. And what I like about it most is the ton of pre-marketing to do. I am all about that. Case in point, the fact that you are reading this is just another tactic, epidemic marketing, viral news delivery process, pass the word, if you could be so kind. Winky.

Yes, I found myself saying twice yesterday something like: "Well, I am writing a book on just that", or "in my book the process is explored", or "when the book comes out, we plan on...". Oh, heavens, that was three times wasn't it? So shoot me.

Lets explore. Success comes from having the courage to embark. Being caught in a time bind is absolutely the devil, living hand to mouth with accomplishment, caught in a survival game superficial significance, not so good. If you do not make time to deal the occasional new hand of cards with the possibilities of expanded outcome, you can count on very little return. Here are the only rules to live by: it is not about the money.

Understanding of course, that if you do not do what you say you will do, (try and achieve your goal), generations of credibility will be lost and karma will kick your ass. When I am buried, long gone, headed to the big sinuous, six degree separation, single track, restaurant sky bar, I would like to be known for one who chose to embark on things....and as a result, finished things. Lots of stuff to do.

Those who lose control of their ability to explore, take risks, giant leaps, might question whether they have actually considered the importance of their own personal fulfillment.

So a power, an energizing lift, comes from just saying you are going to do something, embarking on a journey, trying something new. For me, it's a mission to provide the world a window into my "understanding" of things, to take a couple jabs at conventionalism, understanding that unconventional process eventually evolves to conventional wisdom and so on. It is quite satisfying to me to think that others might be able to relate to a concept or experience that I have captured, cataloged and put in to context in the spirit of accomplishment, embark-ment. I like that part of writing, speaking. It is all a big bio really.

Like this blog. I really don't know who reads the damn thing, or what the readers think for the most part. Occasionally I will be somewhere and somebody says that they enjoy my posts, keep writing. And that is enough, so I do.

I feel obligated to continue for me and for them, as an exercise, a commitment to seeing it through, even though there is no purpose, (other than it is most deliciously egotistical). Yep, I gave up on hiding my ego long ago. The Ralph Account, my daily mantra, a service that after days, weeks, or years of checking out, you can come back to while spilling your friggin cereal on your keyboard. And if only for a minute. Come see that things are still a little stupid and that life is not to be taken too seriously.

I will have canapes at the book signing, by the way.


Anonymous said...

keep on crankin' chief! see ya on the trail, night rides are coming up...


Craig said...

I volunteer to proof read the first draft. Have grammar/spell checker on turbo.

Don't forget about our friend Don-Miguel Ruiz. His book has four memorable "takeaway" lines in it. I have them memorized and force myself to say them outloud frequently.

Have you seen the Complaint-Free World guy? Sort of on the same line as D-MR, and I have my own yellow bracelet, so keep yer purple schitt. I'm on day two, yeah!

DosRider said...


Give me a call... been leaving messages but you never call back.. How ya doing? Working tomorrow morning but I am off later and Sunday.

Ralph Pfremmer said...


I got your message. The last few weeks have been a jam. It will lighten up after next week. I am going to ride today and tommorow fo sho. Will hook up. over and out....roger d. yepper.