Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Team Seagal Chubb non-race#3

Last Sunday was Team Seagal's non-race #3 where 20-30 of the areas top threadmasters gathered for a trials competition. The object was to clean (I think there were 12) areas on the Chubb. Getting a blue slash on your ultra cool Seagal card meant you cleaned it on your first pass, a black slash meant you did it on your second. I left without finding out exactly what the score was, but I heard Little Buddy got 10. It was a little harder knowing you have a bunch of people watching you, all the time in you want to get it done. Nerves played a role in being able to do this stuff. Below, Teiber Looking confident on stage two.

Apparently Corey's (above left) last mountain bike ride in Missouri before moving to Ohio.

Above, Matt Hoffman and his guns. Holy cow he can climb that SS. Strongman award goes out to him (and he brought the PBR).

That's Christine in the VeloForce kit. The only girl to show, she threaded things quite magnificently. Twister (right) showed us that he has skills of a pan galactic magnitude as well.

Team Seagal attempts to whittle a small boat out of a stick from the underbrush, as Casey Ryback looks to see if anyone is on to them.

Ah yes, the group photo, just after watching (forget name, blue and white stripe) the blue and white stripe guy climb the stairs. Yes, we all saw it, even Furby, who joined us for the day. It can be done folks, first time documented here in St. Louis and look at all those who saw it. This was indeed an occasion to remember. I am glad I was there to witness such awesomeness.

Teiber on his little bike.
Christine and Thrasher. She holding a PBR T-shirt that she earned for superior threadedness, he snapping the wrist of his fatigue by enjoying a deliciuos can of PBR, the blood nectar of our friends, Team Seagal.

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