Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Can I right?

Quickly, and without the benefit of re-write....

I will return soon with a huge bundle of dung on the pontificating scene. The summer always takes away my urge to write and from time to time, I feel a little overexposed due to the multitude of events that we cover. So (during the summer) the blog is used solely for the purpose of reporting race results and pictures as it relates to the vibrant community that I have become a part of.

Overexposed as it relates to the stuff that our business is involved in what also happens to be the day-to-day me--that which has sinuous relationships to the kindergarten-12 market, the higher education stuff, the branding therein...active lifestyle stuff, "O" Sports, Dirty Sports, Restaurants, Senior Living, name it, we have a connector and a project out there that puts me on the billboard somehow. But not in the literal sense. The concept of bill boarding manifests itself differently now, there are no real billboards. There are, however, a collection of non-traditional electronic media endeavors that create imagery as to the culture of said brands.

In my world, there are audiences to cultivate, cultures to...cultivate, tribe members to recruit and motivate for the purpose of selling...something, someday, probably food related things, or services requiring hospitality stuff. Bald Guy and I have subscribed to the "building of tribes" for quite some time, likely prior to the book Tribes by Seth Godin.

Pfoodman.com started as a blog almost 12 years ago and has now become the lead brand for our holding company by default and for no other reason other than me exposing myself to the world and to those lurking, seeking, studying. Most likely because of the viral and epidemic process that we have been spreading since its conception--that and a whole lot of free food.

I thank Seth Godin for adequately describing the phenom that has been taking place for quite some time in the "unconventional" marketing arena. And folks, if you haven't figured it out yet- get with the picture, begin now promoting you electronically, just for the hell of it. You are a brand, regardless of what you do or what you will do. In order to justify your position, any position in this world, you need exposure. Go out and promote yourself and tell people what your opinion is.

Seth's blog has some remarkable similarities to other "hipper than normal" business and organizational cultures. I recommend everyone take a dip into his pool of thought and come out a little bit more acquainted in to what will soon be the "conventional". This combined with the continued evolution of social networking. Just ask Cheryl Hughey.

I am fired up because I get to spend a week with my partners, a group of kickass associates whom I love. We will use our skills this week to set a course to the unknown--that which is sure to make for good storytelling and topic for network content seekers.

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herekittykitty said...

Glad to see u back in the pontificating saddle. I miss your musings.