Monday, August 3, 2009

Castlewood Race

It's not like I don't train there. I do, a lot. The course was fast and ready for a hammering. I actually felt good taking my time to fit in with a couple single speeders. Chad was there too, Jim Krewit Jimmy V. I was waiting to get to the top of Grotpeter to shred it a bit. It would be my downfall, the climbing since I have lost a bit of cardio by not riding for a week or so. The dirt crits have sapped my energy from an interest level and I have backed off my fervor a bit for riding. Oh well, it always comes back. I made the crest of the hill and began bombing Rollercoaster and eventually Ranger station when, at the bottom, there was the sound psssssst. There is always that inner voice: "keep going, it is the dude behind you".... and it is never correct. I quickly pulled off and slapped a tube in, the new applicator that I bought failed though, and blew up in my hand and ripping a hole in the new tube. I couldn’t believe it. My only option was to run all the way to the car, which I did and I am still hurting from it. The 23 pound bike run/carry works some muscles that I have not used in a while. It took me nearly 25 minutes to get back on the course. From there I hammered the rest of lap one and eventually two and three. The fourth, which wasn't counted, was pretty bad since I had tried to make up time. I cramped, stalled, cussed. I simply sucked and felt burnt out. Today is better though, I figure I will go and do a couple long rides by myself to get my head right. Usually does the trick. At this age, rest and nutrition is key. I have not done either correctly for the past few weeks. I will be back for Spanish Lake. Girl, yesIwill, girl.

Great day though, thanks to Bobby and the DRJ.

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