Monday, September 7, 2009

The Tour of Missouri

Above is Lt. Gov. Kinder starting the Tour of Missouri captured from my cell phone.

Well heck folks. I really don't know how to say to the naysayers of Missouri that this years Tour of Missouri is off to a helluva start. If there is one reason to keep the tour here it is for all the families and friends who lined the streets of downtown St. Louis in the celebration of a sport that everyone can do and do well. It is active living at its best and we must keep the spirit alive.

Never have I been as proud to be a St. Louis-en and a resident in the state of Missouri. I promise each of you that I will make it my mission to lobby for the return of this important event. Thanks Mike Weiss, Lt. Governor Peter Kinder, Mayor Slay, Kitty Ratcliff, all the other sponsors of the Tour for making this years event a notch above the rest. I proud to be a part.

Mike Weiss from Bigshark Bicycles and main guy in charge for the St. Louis stage pulled out all the cards for the Pfoodman Pfriends and Pfamily, by the way. Not only was I one of the official starters for the Tour but he had me interviewed fresh out of a can of 180 on stage prior the call ups, then he hooked me up with a ride during the race with Tour of Missouri Race Director Jim Birrell. Lone Wolf Coffee Company catered the lunches for the racers and volunteers for one of St. Louis's largest bicycle stage races in the history of the city.

Bravo Mike and your Tour of Missouri efforts.

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