Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Right of Middle Redemption

Well, I finally did it. Even though I thought that I had cleansed myself from the political backdrop (ignored CNN and FOX enough to lose perspective of anything political), I made a dandy mistake in front of a staunch republican yesterday and had to rely on my secret weapon in order to back myself out of an awkward situation. What I mean by mistake is that I was simply trying to make a good impression and I blew it, almost.

I was touring a greenhouse where Pfoodman is considering launching an organic/non-fertilized vegetable project for the Hospitality Tourism program that we started at Missouri Valley College. Pfoodman will be funding the project (if we decide to do it) and distribution will be in farmers markets and in our own multi-unit operations. Anyway, I kind of figured this would be quite the liberal experience as we got out of the car in the middle of Saline County Missouri; this as the dogs came running up to the car and the turkey struggled to break flight in the back forty.

I remember thinking that, whomever we were going to see, would surely be a tree hugging, bark chewing, hemp smoking, composting, sod roofing, bike riding, electric lawn mowing, tie-die wearing, swap meet going, barefoot, deadlocked, commune building Labowski "Dude".

Not the case, except for the composting. And I wish I would have paid attention to some of the indicators before blurting out my allegiance to my own civil liberties.

"I am a Libertarian, so I don't know really know what that means" is what I think I said. Not even sure why I said it. Can't remember the context, the reason...it just spewed. I think I was reacting to something she said about Washington and it took me by surprise. Suddenly I felt the need to "position" and dammit, it is just not my style. I need to be careful, not let the inner voice come out like that. I am pro business and a bit touchy in reference to the current political spectrum, the tax season coming, the lack of financing available even though the fed dumped a ton in to the system and bailed out everyone but the small business folks. Blurting out a meaningless statement like that must have been some kind of tick, some sub-conscious reaction to something that I was pissed about, a "knee jerk to jerk" reaction is the best I can describe the feeling I get in reference to anyone I consider to be narrow minded yet outwardly positioned or opinion-ed to the farther left or to the farther right; where the two headed snakes live. This is where I get in to trouble. I felt like I was back into the goo of political positioning, garglespew, blah, blah.

To be honest, I don't give a shit about the backdrop of the left or the right. I only consider my own personal civil liberties in reference to what is right or what is wrong. I am programed from my experience in the system, particularly in the small business sector, and I am not going to change. Granted, I have somewhat of a Christian value system doled out by some influence while growing up, some white picket fencing, middle class success and failure. But I also have acute knowledge of the down side of things, the despair, the reality of our condition outside of the ivory towered elites with their opinion and posture, those not very authentic in their ability to understand what lies in the trenches.

How many of these people have had to start a business in our country and deal with the bullshit? [I have a list of things considered bullshit for another day] Now enter the current lending situation, the knee jerk reaction by the fed which yielded few results. What if every politician would first have to do this: create a business and run it, lay it all out on the line, borrow money, go all in, lose it and then adapt to the adversity and the insecurity that is inevitable by statistic in our current climate. They would be made to rise above and we would have more hero's in our country to rally behind.

Lets face it, real perspective comes from practical experience not the typical theoretical hyperbole and positioning. Is there an original thought in Washington? No, they pirate the entrepreneurs innovation and clutter it with what eventually becomes an indulgence.

I think things are pretty good as it relates to my citizenship. What I mean by being a libertarian is that I find myself living a just life, within the boundaries of what me and my fellow man see eye to eye--in boundary most of the time. I consider "how I live to be the law". I am not a big fan of government and/or private interest specialists who's focus us to directly effect my condition without my direct authority.

My issues are with those who try and take my/our liberties away or control our condition in response to the special interest folks and for the benefit of just a few and usually the elite. And while I am on a role, I am not a big fan of organized religion either. I think I can do a lot of good if I am not made to feel guilty. I take my spiritual connection to the earth very seriously and I am inspired by the power of love and the rally of community spirit of achievement. By the same token, I can do a lot of good if I am not made to feel like a criminal or a political outcast with the common media seeking to pull skeletons out of the closet.

Post 1995 Amnesty:

-I was so over the speed limit on the way to see the republican tomato gal and I should likely have been ticketed.

-I knowingly let my daughter take a sip of a Margarita in Siesta Key. (We did get thrown out in the street and that was most acceptable).

-I stole a "for rent sign" in front of my neighbors house once. And then again when they bought another.

-I feed the deer in the winter.

-I have poached some sweet single track on occasion. That is mountain bike talk.

That's it dammit. Throw away the key. I think there have been others prior to 1995, lots of others that are long off the tally of wrong doings. Especially while I was coming up. The list is much longer and a lot darker and, if I am not mistaken, not all of us survived. We stuff those things away so we can be good citizens regardless of our past. Skeletons to be drug out by the media in a strategy to keep those creeping in to the spotlight, out.

Nope, I am nothing but a pretty regular guy who can and will stir things up a bit. No politics for me. My duty is to provide a taste of reality because of my perspective; a gift from some pretty significant crap shoots in my world. If it is perspective that people lack and the current political system is filled with indulgence blighting the bigger picture, I suppose I have a job to do someday. It won't be conventional. It is creeping out, rearing its head. Like with tomato gal.

I think more of us should stand up and call out the bullshit. Choosing the battle is the key. Expressing yourself is a start. No, I am not talking about radical stuff either. Lets make that clear. A passive aggressive intellectual process of calling out the bullshit and voting the system away. This means going against the grain, changing the way our community expresses themselves. I for one will always provide for the community a unique message. Our social platform is the way we live our lives. You can find me cheering on those who "get it" and calling out those who don't.

Nope, you can't pre-judge. Tomato gal was on her way to an office in Washington working on a campaign for the future of the republican party. She mentioned this a couple times and that was why I felt like such a schmuck, because she was a delightful human being with a knack for raising money for the Republican party. It is not the people that I have an issue with, it is the perspective, jaded, influenced and status quo.

I swear, it's like wanting to take a shower after sitting through political or overly religious pontification. Poor tomato gal simply tossed one over the bow and I blurted. I suppose this writing was good therapy.

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