Sunday, June 13, 2010

State Mountain Bike Championship

95 and humid was the only thing that I can say for the reason for my less than stellar attempt at the marathon class Saturday. I train at Castlewood all the time. On the same course. But the heat got me. It's not the first time. In fact, every time I try and race at temps and humidity lately, I have trouble. Can't get the heart rate down, core temp stays high. I suppose I could say that I am too old to do this at these temps, but that is boring. Anyway, after a near blackout on the top of Lone Wolf, ears ringing, blackness creeping up through the periferals, with Alex Powell coming up from behind from the cat 3 class (a couple minutes behind), I apparently hit a tree and went over the bars. I really don't remember it, but it was enough to toss the towel in. I made it down the hill and bailed, yet again, on a hot day. I wasn't the only one. But that doesn't seem to take the edge off. I love this sport.

Above please note the necessary tools of MTB racing. Thank you Nico for the Pabst, it was delicious. Thank you James Nelson for putting together a great race. The Shark Pfood kits are also a hit, yes?

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