Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Warm Weather Means Racing

Just say no!

Well, March is finally here and we can close the door on the long term cold spells and look forward to a little more warming. Not that anything can't happen in March, but we take one step closer to gaining that "outdoor" time.

My wife said that Missouri won't be warming up until May, that Dave Murray snuck unto her conscience and said that. I say Dave Murray can take a hike. It is time to ride and ride a lot. My mountain bike sits neglected, hanging next to last years mountain bike, in a state of depression.
We shall do some trips this year, one to Colorado to do a quick Hut to Hut thing in Fruita once the trails open. I have been wanting to do this and as soon as I figure out the dates we I will post it and we can figure out logistics. Then there is the California trip in July with the family. I need to go see my mom and Natalie wants to see what it's like to live on the beach. We are staying in Hermosa or Manhattan Beach, so I can park the car and do nothing but ride bikes. I figured I'd use Palos Verdes as a training ground, lots of sustained climbs etc. It has been a while since I rode around up there, probably 30 years.

Also in July is are the Dirt Crits, each Thursday evening. Very popular and fun afterwards due to the picnic that the Wolf Public House will lay out. We still need some sponsors, so anyone wanting to get in front of 500 reveling fans in a pretty cool race format, give me a ring. Its all about active living and we are down with promoting it.

Oh, in June we will be producing the Bike and Blues experience, a cross/short track race on Sunday the 5th. This combined with the Blues on stage. Riders will race on a course at Vlassis Park in Beautiful Downtown Ballwin. This is part of the Ballwin Days Celebration and it is sure to be a cool one. More on this later.

Pfoodman Racing also has a race at Castlewood State Park this year. Pfoodman Racing the former SharkPfood team of last year has spun away with its own sponsors and identity. We are a mountain bike and cross specific team, training pretty much all the time. I you think you got what it takes give me a ring and I will explain how obnoxious the team truly is. Thanks to Pfoodman, Bigshark, The Wolf Public House, Carborocket, KBS Construction and many more for letting this thing get off the ground. Just so you know. We have the men and the women's state champion on our team, 2010, just saying.

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