Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bike Racing

It is over a hundred degrees in MO, while our crew in Colorado remains tightly bundled in fleece each night, hiding from the chill of mountain crisp. I am the only one who is not DRJ, so I have been sabotaging a few things when I can. Like the other day, when Little Buddy was snoring. I stuffed a soy nut kernel up his nose to shut him up. Then, half way up the climb the next day, we hear all this coughing and spitting, yup, soy nut. I put a nice gap on him.

The Pfoodman picks for the remaining race season:

Coming soon is the Cyclwerx Cape Girardeu MTB race. It is always hot there. Last time I did it was a cramp fest. I made the finish but, Mother Mary, it was painful. We are planning on attending this race, heat or not, because Brad Brown is a bad ass, and he and his posse are always coming to the Lew for our races.

For me the cross season won't get here soon enough. Mike Weiss of Bigshark Bicycles is likely very busy, not thinking too far ahead of this season, because he is one of the main players of the Tour of Missouri, coming soon to our state. I am sure he will see to the series, as he always does. I am hoping my knee is good enough to prance through the barriers by then. So far so good. The plan is to get a whole new slew of riders to come out and try Cross Racing.

Labor Day means the Gateway Cup for all the crit racers in the St. Louis region. The Pfoodman doesn't train for crits, but I have always had a good time going and cheering teammates, friends and acquaintances on. Pick a race and go and make it a day of racing, a great spectator sport.

There is again the Little Sac River 12 hour in Springfield MO. I have done this race a couple times and it is always a good time for those wanting to jump in to the endurance (team or solo) gig. It is always fun to emerge on a new field of riders, other than the usual suspects, to see how you rank. I would put it on your calander, if I were you. September 1st. Pfoodman/Wapiti will likely have a team there.

Alas, Burnin in the Bluff. Russ and Adrienne Murphy of Mesa Cycles are getting ready to present this years version. The trash talking has begun, and there are weeks to go. Get a team and get your silly butts there. A good time had by all. Pfoodman/Wapiti will be there.

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