Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Who am I?

OK. Lots of nasty email saying: What happened to the blog?

Hello? It is the end of August. My world goes from busy to freaking balls out busy because of the various schools opening up and the other operations throughout. Here is the longest word in the world.


Very exciting time, but very busy nonetheless. Excuse me for getting "on it" wit da biz, but I have people who need the Pfoodman right now. I will be back riding in a week or so, in time for the 150 and in shape for the cross season. Fact is, I can't ride when it is this hot anymore. It takes pretty supreme fitness to take the pain of heat and fatigue. I ain't got it right now.

I am thinking that the Wildwood freaks are jazzing up for their trip to Colorado and when they return they too will be burned out and need to take a break from riding bikes. I am sure Schuck and Thrasher can crush me now. I got on the scale the other day and instead of registering the usual 192-194, I was surprised to see well north of 196. Must be the cake.
So I was talking to one of the the cashiers at Java 101 this morning, one of two coffee shops that we operate at Lindenwood University. I was telling her how busy I am lately--that I can't seem to get caught up--work was truly very demanding for me right now. I wish I had more time to spread out my day. I mentioned the various Cafe's that we operate (I don't call them cafeterias. I go with cafe because I can't stand the thought of working at a Luby's). I was bragging about how many meals we crank out per day as a business--the other operations, we serve almost 70,000 meals a week in total now, and counting. I asked her if she thought that was neat. I think she nodded her head, yes. She was listening and making small talk, very understanding of where I was coming from. I have been chewing java (drinking a lot of coffee) for about three weeks straight now.

While talking with the cashier, I looked up and spotted a picture frame that needed to be adjusted and asked her politely to take the picture down and re-align the print in the frame. She looked at me kind of funny and asked me again what I had said, precisely. I said: "Crawl up on to the counter and take the picture down, take the back side of it out of the frame and adjust the matting so it is not off center". After all, I was thinking, I had chosen the prints and done the work myself originally. I wanted it to look nice.

She looked at me in all seriousness and said, "For that sir, I would have to ask my boss!"

I am truly the village idiot. My employees don't even know me.


Anonymous said...

"She looked at me in all seriousness and said, "For that sir, I would have to ask my boss!"

I am truly the village idiot. My employees don't even know me."

Ralph, wake up brother! You have now reached the point where you are not micromanaging from top to bottom. You have stepped out of your comfort zone, towards success, and into one of the effects of it. It's all bad.


Anonymous said...

Uh-hum...I meant to write "it's not ALL bad" in the dumb-ass Hallmark moment I thought I was having.


herekittykitty said...

Ha Ha Ha. Thr Grand Poobah wasn't recognized. That is hysterical. So did she get on the counter or what?