Saturday, August 11, 2007

Breckenridge 07

Yeah, a selection of homies got on a plane to shred some singletrack in CO. For the record, I am the oldest. This post will serve as an appetiser to other pics. Chris Ploch, Brenden Macnamee (BLM), Mark Bauer (LB) and myself were able to get a pretty good burn on at Peaks Trail after pretty much staying up all night and getting our act together on day 1. LB forgot his friggin shoes and that started the days hazing. We sent a finger pose to thrasher on the top of Loveland Pass, on the way to Keystone were we were staying. After an epic ride today on the Colorado Trail, we will decend upon the Leadville 100 to make fun of the painmongers. We will likely through water balloons at Ken Keister, now resident of Colorado, along with other GORC dudes, who made the lottery
Loveland bypasses the tunnel on highway 6 on the way to Keystone. I won't post the finger pose, instead please enjoy the gun show.


Anonymous said...

I hate you, I hate you , I hate you!


P.S. I miss you. Leave that crappy vacation and come home to 100 F temps and ticks.

Colorado Ken said...

I've got to make it across the finish in order for you to throw water balloons at me. ;-)

Just like 2005, I respectfully pulled myself from the competition after 60 miles. I was 45 minutes behind pace for the 12 hour cutoff (based on my last 12:16 finish) and my time was sure to get worse from there. With legs aching worse than ever, I knew I was going to be in trouble. Funny thing is, in past years it wasn't my legs giving me problems, it was the lack of nutrition and hydration. This year, I felt awesome all the way...except for my under-trained legs. Maybe I'm kidding myself thinking I can do this race under 12 hours without quiting my job to train.