Monday, August 13, 2007


So we wake up and Ploch says, "Man, I am sore, 2 to 3 hours is all I can ride". Then we got to the trail and started a 2 hour climb, again. Now, I am 45 years old. That was the theme of the weekend. I am the 45 year old guy, they, the others, not so old. So it came as no surprise that I, after yet another 2500 foot climb, wheelied through the covered bridge atop the ski mountain at Keystone. Yes, we rode to the top, then shreded the locals on there 5 inch travel FS's on Hardtails.

We climbed around 11,000 feet in the four days there. There is a different life to be had at the mercy of hills like those. Life is good now and will be better when returning home refreshed and back at peak fitness. See the happy happy?


Anonymous said...


Regarding 29'ers ... which bike is better on technical uphills, a 26 hardtail, a 26 FS or a 29'er hardtail?


Ralph Pfremmer said...

We stopped at the Apex trail on the way out of CO last week. It is a really technical accent with lots of rock spine and monkey head type of stuff. I thought the 29ers added a momentum push over the stuff. It was trials like. The 26 might have dug in a bit I would guess, but I have been on the 29 for a while now. Now, that also means that there is a decent shock setup as well. I would take the 29er.