Friday, September 7, 2007

Jim Scheetz

God Bless Jim Scheetz for raising 10 GRAND for the MS society. WTF? This guy did the origional MS ride back in 1930 or something. Came back this year to join Team Pfoodman/Wapiti and ding, ding, ca ching? , brings in 10 grand. This years total contribution to the MS Society combining Pfoodman's "in kind" donation with the teams donation, tops 20,000 bucks. Not bad for a bunch of has-beens and wanna-bees. Congrats Jim on meeting your goal.

This just in, Scheetz continues to recover from pile up on 270 and 40. Apparently a Scheetz was in the draft of a Viper (not racing) and got pulled into the shoulder from a downburst during a thunderstorm and slid in to th back of an 18 wheeler. At this writing, he not only will remain on the riding roster for Saturday, but he has upped his mileage to 150 miles per day for the two day event. Way to go Jimmer!

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