Sunday, September 9, 2007

Pfoodman/Wapiti MS ride

Man, that was fun. To the Pfellow Pfun Clubbers, I am sorry for leaving early. Once they called up the big teams like the Rams (must have had 100,000 riders) Kaldi's coffee, Express Scripts, tossing the hordes of riders on to the course. Well, I felt like I was in a cat 4 race, if you know what I'm talkin bout. I had never done a ride like that, it is challenging navigating around the varying degrees of proficiency. (That is as nice as I can put it). I am such a uber euro snobschnict.

D and I went to the front where we stayed until I hooded up with Mike Best of Gateway Cycling, a fellow mountain bike racer whom I hadn't seen or ever ridden road bikes with. He had his bro in law Todd along with him, both strong. D dropped back a bit with some Rams guys and the rest of the day was spent keeping a gap on them. We pretty much pace lined it through the days total of 104 miles in 5:13. 4700 feet of climbing. I don't train much for the long ones like that, but I had a great time and a heck of a work out. Mogus is out for another, doing a double, as are a couple other hard cores. Instead of riding this morning, D and I went to Bob Evans and ate bacon.

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herekittykitty said...

It was a pleasure hosting D and the Grand Poobah. Columbia realy did a number and I too hope it becomes a yearly event. You can't sing the blues unless you've lived them.