Thursday, September 13, 2007

Schmatz, Blunt and Kinder

Damn Dan. I am sick about the Armadillo thing. You will heal fast and continue to be the hero that you are. By the way, Dan Schmatz graduated from Parkway West High school, same as the princess. Don't forget, Huff fell off the stage at the press release announcing the Tour of Missouri. You truly one up'd him good.

That is what I like about cycling and the local pros and high level riders. They are all good people, willing to share their stories, techniques, equipment likes and dislikes and in this case, humility. Dan has always been a great ambassador to offering up his equipment, providing expert opinion. He shows up in town occasionally to teach a spinning class. He is a quality guy. Cycling is one of the sports where you can duplicate easily the equipment used by world class athletes and build your own little world of magnificence. Most of the racers are approachable. Collect many bikes but not as many as Basler, for Gawds sake.

I am really impressed the support of the state, the govs. manse seems to be quite interested in keeping the ball rolling year after year with the tour. I wasn't much of a Blunt and Kinder fan; Blunt seems like he recently graduated from high school and Kinder reeks of classless dialect from the boot heal. He could sell me a pickup and I would never know he was the lieutenant Governor. We middle-staters prefer to be categorized as a little more "visibly intellectual", style is important, clean this up please. Regardless, it is obviously that they truly want this to be a successful event, and for good reason.

I suppose I am not so disagreeing with Blunt on many things including the MO Health net initiative that was passed bi-partisan. MO HealthNet focuses on prevention and wellness instead of only sickness and treatment, empowers individuals to be participants in their own health care decisions, and improves health. Blunt "gets" the benefits of health and fitness and incents those who get off their ass and take care of business, wellness. Bravo Matt Blunt and Peter Kinder for stepping up and bringing one of the largest emulative health events to the state, then back it up with their continuous support. This is authentic and they need to be commended for this.

The fan base has been significant in both Kansas City and Springfield. I tend to wonder what the rest of the world is thinking, from the images broad casted. Is it good enough? This type of coverage is a little awkward, I could not get sound on on the first day. Yesterday it was a little better with some commentary from a couple guys who had to have been watching the same feed as I. They couldn't tell who the hell the riders were anymore than I could. We all knew George was going to get the win, especially after covering all the attacks. He is a decent time trial-er. He will win the tour.

I let my wife know yesterday that I would not be available from Friday forward. I have several business meetings this weekend.


Boz said...

What, is 6 or 7 bikes too many??

Anonymous said...

you see, you don't really know.