Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lone Wolf Gets kick from Ultra Critic dumbass

"The Chief" thinks he is a restaurant critic. So lets give him the time of day for a sec. Check out this dudes critique of The Lone Wolf Coffee Company just about a few weeks after we opened. "World Full of Idiots" seems to be a blog made up of a bunch of squirrels who take pot shots at anything from mainstream media to whatever easy pickins they can find. It is all pretty lame stuff, indulgent and the usual "write for the writer" genre of blog crap. I can't seem to get through a story without dropping it. This happens when writers write for themselves instead of the reader.

In this case, The Chief seems to have a beef with me, way too many reasons to think this. Lets face it, the place is kind of a work in progress, but people like it. I do take it personal, because who wouldn't? I would indeed like to find out who this guy is and figure out what I could have done to piss him off. There are plenty of reasons, I know this. Is it a fired employee? Somebody mad about Greenberg? Some other person whom I have put into perspective? What, a competitor or better yet, a disciple of a competing coffee company!!!!????

Anybody want to out this dude? I would like him to first take down my logo that he is using illegally, second, to have a visit over some coffee so I can council him on what life is like not hiding behind an alias. Let me know. His site sucks, btw, but I am sure the hit count will go up based on my most excellent musings in the retort section. Enjoy directly from his site, as a gift to him.


James Nelson said...

Is there some over flow anger going on in your life man? I'll write a positive story for you!

Ralph Pfremmer said...

Neslon (spelled correctly). Yes, there is over flow of anger. I think it is a good thing, like with Lewis, the angrier he becomes the better the art.

Brian said...

I read the entire exchange on that dude's blog and your replies were the funniest and most interesting part of any of it.

I can't even pretend to understand where this guy is coming from since I go to Mc'Donald's and think, "that was a pretty decent meal." What does the guy expect for his six dollars and ninety five cents? He could easily prepare his own meal at home for that kind of money.

If he wants somebody five feet away from him to say hello, why doesn't he initiate the contact?

He's just another useless complainer. A Transformer's movie is more entertaining than his blog post.

Craig said...

Sounds like someone needs a refresher course... especially in Agreement #2

You are empowering this idiot by giving him attention. Thicken up your skin and move on.

Barry B said...

It is a shame that you only hear the negative reviews.

Shortly after you opened I dropped by for breakfast with my son. I give the place two big thumbs up. I would be a regular every morning if I did not live so far away. I always intended to comment to you on Lone Wolf, but just never really ran into you to converse, other than in passing.

Either way, do not let this idiot get to you. Like many things in life we hear ALL of the negative comments. But when a customer is truely satisfied, we rarely hear the postive.

Lynchmob said...

I am going to have to out myself. I was pissed because when I arrived, the staff told me you were out of those crack'o'licious potato chips and they has just sold the last raspberry crumbly bar. I may have over reacted. I'll try to give you a better review next time.

herekittykitty said...

Ha Ha, all of this made my day and gave me a hearty bellt laugh. WTF was this guy thinkin for engaging. Check mate. We r Pfoodman, we are legion. Can u spell accountability?

Jim said...

granted, its a pile of shit ralph, but take a step back and look at this. take the high road and let it be. just some jerk looking for a reaction and he got it from you in a big way. you're not like that in person, so dont become off like that on the net ralph. in a way, he was fishing for a reaction, got one, and won. look at all the crap wiess got years ago on a certain board. he stayed cool, let it go. it didn't become a part of him. that stuff is over and he saved face. now, his site is getting hits thru your blog. you made him famous. take a deep breath and let it go. you're better than that, so don't stoop to a level beneath you.

Dave said...

Really dude? I bet they love the attention over at WFI. You need to get some perspective. Its not all about you, its about your restaurant and I've been there and he's right.

You may need ego-reduction surgery.

Dave said...

You pre-approve comments? At least WFI lets you say what you want. Now whose hiding?

Ralph Pfremmer said...

Jim, you are right, but I need some good stuff to write about because it is October and my fitness sucks. Shoe, please make it a point to show on Tuesday. Good perspective on the races. Craig, Jim, dudes, I just got back from a social networking seminar and I am applying some of the shit they said to, in case of this type of thing. I am all about the hits.

Barry, your kid gets free coffee refills for a year. Lynch, don't you own Kaldi's by now? Kathryn, its boone county, nuff said.

And David. Cmon man. Don't get beat at your own game. I know we suck at some stuff. We are working on it. I simply question your style. Lunch?

Anonymous said...

Ralph, As I commented on the other post, your musings don't come off excellent. You seriously come off as a lunatic. You keep saying this guy is small potatoes but you keep coming back to it. You're right though, he is getting hits because of your comments. My friend in Chicago just posted this on Facebook saying, "hilarious to see this owner make a fool of himself in the comments." And everyone is you.

Honestly, I would delete all of this if I were you. It makes a really bad impression.

Good Luck to you.

Ralph Pfremmer said...

Hey anon-- get over yourself. Whose impression am I worried about? Perhaps this is just a bunch of fodder. I wasn't reeled in. I exploited it for the hell of it. To me it is better than CNN, I simply choose to use my real identity when doing so, which is my point when writing, when standing up for what I believe. Are there rules to be applied when writing or reading crap like this? Who cares? As lone as I don't hide behind an alias, I am find. Quit applying conventional perspective to that which is un-conventional. I don't care if he gets hits, or if people are laughing at me or whatever. They will move on. Read my profile. I don't care, and I don't write or "social network" for conventional purpose. This is modern communication and conflict is part of it.

Brian said...

I know people who don't have any real friends, who have a thousand Facebook friends. Facebook is nothing more than a website established to allow people to gossip about each other with no real consequences. It's completely worthless. Relationships in the real world are worth something.

There's a fifty/fifty chance I'll show at the meeting of the minds on Tuesday. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Darling, I am over myself and over you. I was just trying to extend a little concern. I obviously misplaced it. No fears, we will not cross paths again.

I still wish you good luck.

Ralph Pfremmer said...

Anon, its been fun, check back soon.

Joe Griffard said...


This guy is a coward for posting anonymously. One has to wonder what motivated him to spend so much time crafting his venemous post. Seriously, unless he had some really good ulterior motivation, this guy needs to get a life.
Folks I work in the same builing as The Wolf. I'm there constantly. Yep there have been some hiccups. The mark of a great organization and a great person is how they learn from their mistakes and how they respond when customers raise concerns. Ralph and his staff have been superb on that count. The food is great, there is always something new to try, and the service is personable.
Come try The Wolf and decide for yourself whether or not the Chief is full of it!

Ralph Pfremmer said...

Joe, you are such a cool guy. This has been the best post ever. Not only does Joe come in every day. He actually lives and breathes the same air as the men and women who are employed by our humble efforts at Lone Wolf Coffee company. As soon as I get back from my motivation managmenent seminar, in addition to the fact that I have candy for all the halloweerners, I plan on purchasing mucho stocks and bonds from him. It is Joe Griffard Folks, and this guy is the real deal. Unlike the chief, who is not.

Really, thanks Joe, we love you and all the people in the building.