Monday, January 28, 2008

Mike Gibson joins Pfoodman/Velo Force MTB Squad

Gibson is a freak. A Semi -Pro downhiller who travels all over the place competing in the stuff that most of us Midwest Missouri Peddlers don't get. He has competed in the Sea Otter Classic, a bunch of others that I don't even know of. Bottom line, he is an animal. Our task this year will to continue his cross country rise. As a fast twitch guy, last year he tossed himself into 12 hour, Burnin at the Bluff.... solo, as well as a bunch of cross country races in our series.

Mike can be found at the free ride park on most winter days. I am thinking the fitness will come on lap one of St. Joe....or not.

Mike Gibson, at the steps at chubb, photo from Gorc message board

Last summers Keystone trip, Peak's trail I believe, courtesy of Chris Ploch


blm said...

Yeah.... I took that.

TeamSeagal said...

Sweet! Can't wait to line up at Burnin' against you dudes... prepare your wrists for a solid snapping!

-C. Ryback