Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eric McSpadden

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I almost didn't do the man on the last post justice. I met Eric McSpadden on Saturday at Blues City Deli, Vinnies place down in Benton Park. Eric is our towns most referenced harmonica player and I felt it necessary to include him. Enjoy Eric in this youtube vid, doing his thing. I asked him what the best thing for a harp player to do to get better. His answer, "blow in to the harp, a lot".

I will also say this. Eric rolled up on a vintage Peugot bike with the handlebars up all funkyed up wit it. I knew the dude was a player, but that bike puts him major up there with the Pf. Look for Erics Gigs on www.Stlblues.net.

Eric McSpadden & John May

Sylvia | MySpace Video

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