Tuesday, April 1, 2008

In shape

There are glimmers of fitness to be had. Just look at the muscles in my jaw and neck. Pounds of pressure they will deliver on the right day, and on the right meal. I will photograph additional body parts as they become fit in what has been a less than stellar startup for the 08 season. I noticed BLM is giving away Land Shark beer in his Name-O-Church lotto thing that he has going. Well, that is one way to move the backstock, ain't it. Clever, try the Catholics around lent. They let the beer flow while frying up the cod.

Today I plan on making my way to Babler for laps, important to my regimen as it currently stands. I am ready to chuck my road bike off a cliff. The trails are angry at the rain. I will dance the "Wapiti Stomp" to curtail the weather.

1 comment:

Boz said...

That is one of the finest off-season jawlines I've ever seen. You stealthy training mo-fo-sho!