Monday, October 6, 2008

Subaru Short Track Dirt Crit Finale

Big Thanks to Todd Holtman and family for the Subaru sponsorship, Alpine Shop, Ballwin Cycles, Dogfish and Bill Woods of Pfoodman for ante-ing up big time. Thrasher, Notorious BIG, Tieber, Gibson, Skuck, the Powells, Pauli, Basler, any others who helped from time to time, thanks very much for the support.

We do this (promote the races) for the purpose of advocating Active Lifestyle. Let's face it, none of the 100 racers were sitting on a couch watching Football yesterday. They were out in the parks, in the woods, riding bikes and feeling good. As long as riders continue to show up, we will continue to promote races, building the culture, spreading the word of active living and changing lives by way of our funky community. So hats off to all who attended during the six race series. Please don't hesitate to give me some feedback, what worked what didn't. Scoring is a challenge, we know this. Do your part by understanding the challenges of this sort of trail and error event management.

A Couple highlights of yesterdays Racing:

The new Pirtles, the Powells. Look for these kids, including sis, to embark on greatness. Not to mention Dad/Coach Jeff Powell taking 1st in the B series.

The kids race, all 12 kids said no to the short course and elected to do the treacherous Full Lap of the big boys. Sammi Powell shredded the field, but they were all winners.

The "Lap Off", Zak Haffner and Jeff Powell for 1st and second. Zak, on the first 10 feet of the start snapping his chain, Jeff Powell waiting for the "official approved" hand up of a new bike then commenced to the hammering. Jeff pulled ahead on the one lap decision maker for the series win.

John Peiffer and Devin Clark, same way, Lap Off, Devin reaching finish ahead of John for the 3rd place series final.
The "PF Race". New to the Short track thing, a big hit with lots of pain to be had. The Ploch and Cash Combo proved merciless in their ability to keep the others away. Not an easy race. We will likely do a team Short Track again, rumored as an event within an AMBC???....
Regardless, it was a good time had by all. Results below (spelling is as good as it was written)

Kids Race

1 Sammi Powell
2 Ethan Credenhead
3 Casey Carter
4 Nathan Burlis
5 JD Peiffer
6 Taylor Burlis
7 Colin Maxam
8 Cody Beyer
9 Julia Peiffer
10 Caitlin Baxter
11 Camille Schillizzi
12 Corinne Schillizzi

C Race

1 Alex Powell
2 Jax Powell
3 Andy Prunty
4 Justin Pollnow
5 Joe Perry
6 Adam Marcotte
7 Rob Ballon
8 Stephen Venters
9 Adam Schell
10 Mark Grumke
11 Ian Murphy
12 Cory Redmond
13 Tom Burlis
DNF Ross Blanton
DNF Jonathan Schilling

B Race

1 Devin Clark
2 John Peiffer
3 Zak Haffner
4 Jeff Powell
5 Mark Hasler
6 Kent Jones
7 Todd Holtman
8 Craig "Boz" Basler
9 Matt Grothoff
10 Ethan Johnson
11 Brian Beyer
12 Carrie Cash-Wooten
13 Peter Goode
14 Number 130
15 Rob Oellerman
16 Darin Marlow
17 Ryan Lemmon
18 James Moore
19 Jeff Klola
20 Steve Tim
21 Jeremy Meitz
22 Mike Kickenbothom
23 Loran Cavano
24 Jay Marvin
25 Shaun Turnbull
26 Mike Gibson
27 Marc Pauly
28 Paul Miller
29 Karen Holtman

A Race

1 Chris Ploch
2 Travis Thrower
3 Anthony Dust
4 Wes Bierman
5 Dan Fuhrman
6 Jay Strothman
7 Greg Sandknop
8 Robert Metz
9 Drew Black
10 Ralph Pfremmer
11 Mike Teiber
12 Russ Murphy
13 Matt Dawson
14 Eric Schuck
15 Scott Mortimer
16 Craig Thrasher
DNF Bob Arnold

Fastest Female

Carrie Cash-Wooten

Series Winners

A Race

1 Chris Ploch
2 John Mathews
3 Wes Bierman

B Race

1 Jeff Powell
2 Zak Haffner
3 Devin Clark
4 John Peiffer

C Race

1 Chris Smentkowski
2 Matt Smith
3 Erik Illies

"PF" Race (Need help here, please advise)

1 Ploch/Cash-Wooten
2 Clark/Sandknop
3 Hafner/Hasler
4 J. Powell/Boyer
5 Thrasher/Shuck
6 Thrower/Dust
7 Peiffer/Kloha
8 Perry/Ventors
9 Turnbull/Holtman
10 A. Powell/Lemmon
11 Pollnow/Ventors
12 Balser/Oellerman
13 Strothman/Dawson?
14 Fuhrman/Boyer?


Anonymous said...

In the PF Race I (Beyer, 66 Racing) was teamed with Dan Fuhrman and we came in third I believe. I know we beat Jeff Powell's team by a couple minutes. It was a lot of fun!

Pigpen said...

i think the travis "chain" thrower and anthony dust combo fought their way back up to third place by the end. 'cause i only remember ploch/cash and the team with the seagal ss racer being in front of us. but i may be wrong. good times no matter what though!

anthony dust

Pigpen said...
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ClesieMo said...

That was a really cool race...gave us other guys a chance to say we raced with the big dogs. minor correction...I (Jim Moore) was teamed up with Justin have us in 11th, but i'm pretty sure Boz/Oellerman were in front of us. Ploch and Cash could breed a superhuman race of bike medal 2028.

Anonymous said...


Please update your PF race scoring. Team Cavano/Grumke finished fourth.


Pigpen said...

now that i thought about it more, i think thrower/dust lost a few spots on the last lap and are probably more mid-pack. so no third for us. sorry for any confusion.

anthony dust

Ralph Pfremmer said...

Yeah, there was confusion aright. I will fix when I get all the comments.

Anonymous said...

I was an awesome day of fun. Now if I can just get the wife to roll the old LTS into a race. Family fun at its best.
Ralph, I did the PF race with Jonathon Schilling, and finished ahead of Erik(c). Eric and I had a great battle.
Alex and Jax did the PF race together sharing Alex's bike.
Place us where you like, it's a fun story to tell.

Thanks for everything.
The Powell's

Anonymous said...

Thanks for organizing such a fun event. My kids (Taylor and Nathan Burlis) had a great time doing the kids race. This was my first mountain bike race ever, and I had a blast. I felt a little out of place with platform pedals and a cotton tee shirt amongst all the serious hardware, but I had some serious fun. Do you (Ralph) plan on having the kids race at all of the events next year as well? It sure makes it easier for me to get out there when I can bring the kids along.