Monday, October 13, 2008

Pfoodman/Lone Wolf Racing Arrives at Burnin at the Bluff 5

On the Podium, Fast in the Past, minus John Rhines

Yes, people. Pfoodman/Lone Wolf Racing has arrived. And it was Burnin at the Bluff where we debuted the type of pain that other teams can expect from us from now on. And we ain't even warmed up yet.

I say this with respect for anyone whom we chased down or battled with for most of the day Saturday, of course. We have not always had the ability to get in to smack downs like this. We are lucky to be in the presence of greatness--lucky to get our injuries under control for this race, suffer no flats or mechanicals, (maybe a little blood)

Lone Wolf 1: Without Mesa's "roadie equipped" collection of "fast in the past" class riders: Russ Murphy, Ethan Froese and Tracy Smith, Team Xerxes (whatever the hell that is) the race would not have been nearly as fun towards the end. They made it fun. We honor their greatness and Ethan Froese's ability to play the banjo. Making Thrasher go out on lap 10 was just marvy. Fish (Froese) making me play guitar with sister schlafly, not so good.

Also getting huge honor are Tom Albert and John Rhines (third mate I forget). They set the pace on lap one with a 1:03, shredding us by nearly 30 minutes at the end. While we did indeed come within 9 minutes, due to some mechanicals on their part, Rhines and Albert (and other) continued to shred until the last lap, where we forced them to do another under strategic pressure. For a while, a short time, we had control of their destiny by sending them out on another lap for fear that we would go out just before the cutoff. Had they had problems on the last lap, and not us, we might have taken it from them. Our team was very consistent, usually our forte in races like these. Look for Lone Wolf 1 at numerous 12 and 24's in the future.

So, Lone Wolf 1, Skuck, Pfood and Thrasher took 2nd in the Fast in the Past class and 10th overall. Nice work ladies. A special shout out to Adam for being the domestic. Those eggs were mighty fine in d' mornin. He will be back next year with a vengeance, after suffering a broken back in July.

Lone Wolf 2, Gibson, Teiber and the newly returned Ethan Johnson, were honored by one of DRJ's teams, the Sex Pedals: Mark "lil Buddy" Bauer, Robert "Kankles" Metz, and Scott Mortimer. These guys battled it out all day long and in the end Tieber smoked a hot lap just barely getting past veteran and local bad ass hero Mark Bauer for a two minute lead and 6th place in "wicked fast and 17th place overall. Gibson can brag about his comeback for generations to come, suffering two broken wrists and a dislocated hip in June. He is a tough cookie. Tieber, barely 18 years old and muscling through the expert class, fit as he has ever been, will likely hammer others to come. Ethan Johnson, after a 5 year hiatus joined the team just weeks ago, now he sits in the position of pain giver for the men before him.

But lets not forget Christine Ford, who is also back from injury, a broken wrist. She joined up with the Cape Cyclewerx coed team and not only won their class in "coed", the El chupacabras put 13 minutes on Lone Wolf 1 for 9th place overall. Christine, for a short time, held the fastest lap by a female. She is back with a vengeance. Look for her in a Pfoodman/Lone Wolf Racing kit!


Robert T. Metz said...

Way to go Team PFOOD! you guys were rocking out there. what was the final total of vote on who looks more like Jesus?

Casey Ryback said...

OH MAMA good times abound! Sounds like you dudes had a massively killah race! I've got a pretty good close-up of Thrasher after his last lap.

Oh man.



Christine said...

I summarized the team's injuries for Brad and he said we should be Team Pcrashman. As for Burnin - great time!