Sunday, November 23, 2008

Night Bubba Cross

Man was that a trip. Fast course and lots of people cheering with loud obnoxious toys. It was so cool coming through the tunnel with people on both sides screaming, an absolute wall of scream.

I suppose I should have noticed the popping noise coming from my seat post early in my warm up. Because on lap two I sheared it completely on the back stretch while trying to stay on Klages wheel. Klages continues to rock, as does everyone else. I was feeling much better, hoping to get a decent day in today. I found a heavy duty Thomson post with hardware that will hold an elephant. Perfect.

I can't remember seeing as many racers in the A's. It is so much fun when there are more. Lots of new faces to give Josh and Nate, Pirtle a go for it. The dude from KC never had a chance with those three working together so much. But he held on for quite a while.

Congrats to Matt James on his win. The dude got run'd over early this year by a car. He has made steady improvements throughout the past few years and deserves a big win at a big race. Now he can move his ass on up to the A's, and I will respectively move forward one.

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