Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bike Racing Back Up

A most excellent picture of burnin at the bluff 08. If that ain't enough...

Enough of the pre-season writers quagma. I am sick of whining for now. I feel the fitness coming and it will be soon that I can actually finish ahead of Skuck and not far off of Thrashers wheel. And, by the way, he is riding most wonderfully. Both of them.

So the new guy, Bert. The ICCC loner who obviously trains about 6 hours a day with a smile on his face that can only compete with you-know-who. I take great pride in alerting the public to watch out for this guy, who I predict will win races (if he sandbags in sport).

Also at the Ranch ride Tuesday, George on his 69er pushing some home brewed slime mixture. I glanced over and saw Thrasher and Skuck enthralled in conversation, figuring out viscosity and density of matter......

Albert brought his dog and a cage for his dog. I thought this was quite nice, a little strange, but nice that, in order to get a ride in, he would pack up the little booger in the car, set up a makeshift kennel with blankets, food and water, and probably a stuffed animal, all while he went out on the sweet single track.

The GrandmasterGeezer was there, always good to see Paul. I am exploiting both he and Kaspar on Friday, taking a group of guys on the Two Fairy's ride Friday, hosting and flexing their muscles. Paul says comeback might be in order. My aim with Kaspar is to get him out of circle riding, ifyouknowhatimtalkinbout. These two should have stories to tell of yesteryear. I bet both of them still have kits from before I finished high school.

And how about Bobby, still sporting a black eye from some brawl he got in while in holdover at the city workhouse. Apparently he got in to it with a cop after getting all up in Ryan, the "full of piss and vinegar" trail steward from GORC at Castlewood. Word, if I find myself in any way shape or form answering to this kid on my call to run a race, there will be a serious problem. Ryan, do not meddle where you are not needed. We know how to make the calls on trail suitability without you providing undue influence. Make adjustments in your energy level towards this sort of thing and all will be cool. No tongue and cheek here.

Anyways, have a good week of riding. We are now getting ready for Rhett's Run in Columbia. Looking to have quite a group coming down there. I have heard from a few people in regard to the state championship, hearing that this race might be NORBA sanctioned. Can anyone settle the score on this?


Jim said...

good god! i've known bert for 20 years. we bowled together in leagues for years. let's just say he wasn't iccc material back then! :-) great guy. i'm proud to call him "friend."

herekittykitty said...

Mellow Johnnies-isn't that where Lance hangs out?