Friday, May 1, 2009


Rather than write about the swine flu media hype, that which we all know will lead towards a slew of commercials advertising swine flu remedies, shots, etc. Brilliant! A boost for the economy by way of "scare media" and the lack of anything else controversial to report about. But hey, if it kick starts the pharmaceutical biz, so be it, I have some stock that needs to recover. I figure there will be lots of this stuff coming about. A puppet master of media controversy making sure stuff like this gets the attention of the masses. It sure makes the secondary schools flex their "cover your ass" muscles. Has anyone gotten a position statement from their school district yet? Same with the other "disclaimer" oriented need be's. I heard this morning that Egypt is slaughtering all the pigs in the country. Do they have pigs?

I just thumbed through my copy of Fortune Small Business. I am not sure why I receive this each week, or maybe its monthly, I don't really know. It simply appears in (my) bathroom and I read it, placed there with love from my wife. It is the reading material of the morning window. Word.

I don't like this magazine and read it because it gives me contrasting opinion on how big business and small business differ yet have an evolving process of conforming destiny. It's put together pretty well and shows up on time (I presume) and in good condition. The reason I (like) don't like it is because the subject matter always takes the unconditional high path of big business theory, even though small business is in the title and small business is where opportunity meets conventional and unconventional principals of entrepreneurship. It's almost like the editors simply apply traditional business theory to small business, then look down upon them (the entrepreneurs) and say: "Hey, you need to conform or find yourself in litigation, the wrong position, in unjustified markets or worse, find yourself in...(thumbing through)...a broken business model".

There are lots of articles to be written about the broken business model.

Do entrepreneurs really aspire to have the culture of big business practice take over--the autopilot of "RED's", (Reasonable Efforts of Defense found in policy manuals produced by legal departments) the "just so there is no confusion" dialog spliced into the 75 page employment manual?

Do I really think they are missing the mark? Well no. Not really. Any rational business owner says to them self: "Yep, I need to be doing that. We need to be doing sensitivity training, protect the workplace, promote, respect...file". Fortune Small Business will capture the next article nicely....How to raise capital through VC.

As important as it is, and as necessary as all that stuff is in today's business world in order to stay out of trouble. It is an absolute downer to use that side of my brain--the side that has to spend its time conforming to legal precedent, government restrictions and administrative requirements. This is what they don't tell you in school but tell you in Fortune Small Business, that you have a nut to crack before you can launch that business. You have to outsource a bunch of your (lack of ability) to sort through the fog. You need to consider this in your business plan, the mounds of legal and conditional process. And then just wait and see what happens when you hire a bunch of employees. You need big business!

I don't let that get to me for the most part. I figure my job is to use my talent to advance my business and the rest will fall in line. I have to keep moving, in order to make the money necessary to keep up with what will continue to lay claim to our ability to move through the system. So from now on, I am two part creative development process and one part advocate for less government and regulated process defined by big business. I will attempt in the next few years to re-define the way small business is considered, in relationship to the political, legal and moral standard. I say go to the ceiling with what I am able to appropriately dole out in regard to the RED's. But shut my business down and lets see who really loses.

It won't be Fortune Small Business, they will simply write another testiment. The employees will lose.

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