Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wild Canid Center Event

Jack Hanna and Betty White were on hand Tuesday for the Wild Canid Centers gala at the Kemp Auto museum. Since we like our wolves (and choose not to roast them), the missus wanted to do something special for them. So cater guys Chris Lupo and Chef Dan Joyce and staff prepared and served the special dinner on behalf of Lone Wolf Coffee Company's support of this good cause. A good time was had by all.

Betty White, 87, was authentic in her cause to help the center, naming (purchasing the naming) of a baby wolf and naming him "Robert Redford". Jack Hanna showed up with a busload of animals including a cheetah, an awful big snake, and some other critters that he showed "Johnny Carson Style" on stage with Betty. This guy is one of a kind and as nice as can be.

If you haven't thought about your giving for the year, consider the Wild Canid Center. They are needing to raise money to move to another location due to Washington University requesting them to move from their land at Tyson. Land has been purchased and funds are needed for the continued success of this operation.

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