Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Music Inspriations

We had about 10 musicians show this past Sunday. What a hoot, a big bass too, a mandolin. I have to tell you, after playing blues for two years with nothing else, I was a little freaked out by the scales of the folksy bluegrass stuff. Same with the harp. I will indeed become a fiddle master for these fine folks. One of the people in the audience said that we should all get together and play at the Fountains, the senior community up the street. Before she got out of the room I through my coffee on her in disgust.

Nope, I have better billings than a nursing home planned. It wasn't long ago that I stood on the stage at the fox while Charlie Daniels played a couple songs. He and I had hit it off after a conversation at a pre-gig party in one of the suites at the Fox Theater. I had access to the side stage where I got my own show. That sombitch was a Long Haired Country Boy indeed. I was also with Dave Mason who was in town for KSHE's 20th birthday party. My bro John Bell had hooked us up with some backstage passes and I put on my best Kramer attire for the gig. John, well, he kind of screwed up. He got busted in the limo making out with some groupie and got thrown out of the after party later. Johns brother was Dave's manager and the entire night was on him.

Kevin Cronin, Jimmie Ray Vaughn, and a couple others were hanging with us too at the down at the Landing. Prior to getting the boot, we were having a pretty good time, but that is not the story.

I have never been able to hold much water. I think my mom saw to it that about one beer is the limit and don't crack the seal if there are no restrooms in sight. This was that case with Dave Mason. I was back stage looking for a bathroom and feeling quite uncomfortable. I couldn't find a john and I was getting to the point when I was going to bail on the party and go out with the lay people to use the head in general admission. Just then I see this girl come out of a sound room area and I snuck in where nobody could see. She was a back-up singer for the Fabulous Thunderbirds and hadn't missed too many meals. Can't remember her name but she kept me standing there for 15 minutes while I faded to yellow.

Once inside the bathroom I heard others come in the room behind me and begin scuffling around. When finished I opened the door to see Dave Mason and another guitarist tuning up "Only You Know that I Know" before concluding their warm up with "Feeling Alright". I was the only one in the room, and Dave, whom I had gotten to know both he and his wife quite well that night, tossed his chin up and smiled-- like I now had a piece of greatness? It would not have been appropriate to clap or say anything, I didn't have to. They left the room behind me and I walked them out to the stage. Nope, no nursing home for me.


Lynchmob said...

When Dave Mason plays Wildwood Springs Lodge again in Steeleville, the tickets are on me. I dragged my wife down there last time and she was blown away by how good he was. She was not expecting much. I too got to see some of the warm-up after getting stuck in the bathroom while they cleared the room. I walked out as he was doing the sound check for "We Just Disagree".

Jim said...

i saw dave at the westport playhouse in the mid 1980's. had backstage passes too. nice guy. all thru the show, i was thinking, "damn, his second guitarist looks really familiar." he was. it was peter frampton after he recently cut his hair short.