Thursday, September 3, 2009


It ain't ever day that you get to stand on a stage and wale on a harmonica in the presence of such talent. Peter, Chef Mike, Kevin, Steve, Baby Drew joined us too. In fact, I am lucky that these guys gave me a shot at this stuff since I am not near the guitar player they are. The vocals piece came from over the winter, when our not-so-blues singer decided to bail for more of a rock thing. I stepped up because, well, because Peter said so. From there I realized that I had a hard time singing and playing the guitar, especially lead, so rhythm would have to be the ticket and only on songs when I could come in and out without butchering. Enter the harmonica and Jimmyleg was born.

Suddenly its back (the ability to play the harp) and I used to play a lot. The Gin Mill days in Houston with Joey Long and the Texas Brothers. Miss Molly and the Passions....The harp just takes over when you are on. You find the notes and it just plays itself through the scale, once you "get it". Not until these guys let me stumble around the past several practices was I able to hone it in. Now I play the harp and do vocals and limit myself to an acoustic accompaniment on guitar. Hey, so be it.

We played last night at the Blackhawk room at Lone Wolf Coffee Company in Ballwin. A practice, home field thing in what is really my corporate headquarters that looks and operates as a restaurant. We just got a liquor license too, so we look to have some fun performing as Jimmyleg, or whatever we formally decide to call ourselves. We like Chicago Blues, some country blues rock stuff, rockabilly. We put a twist on the traditional with some very significant guitar and soloing done by everyone.

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Team Trail Monster said...

Post up an Official "Jimmyleg" show date and we will fill the house.