Friday, January 15, 2010

Entrepreneurial Castle Building

Entrepreneurialism starts with being able to spell the word correctly. I choose to begin my engagements with this concept when speaking to college kids. I punch them with the word etiquette too (three T's). Btw, don't raise your hand until you now how to spell both of them, regardless if you are a student or a parent. The rest of my presentation centers on personal brand building and establishing a storyline that will unfold for years to come. Connect the dots and adapt to the world, build castles and buy stuff from the artisans as they make fortunes in the same manor.

I sat through a seminar this morning that I was sure was going to be a boring and dismal outlook on the economy. Alan Beaulieu was the keynote speaker, from the Institute for Trend Research, and he was fabulous. It was an ACG event and I was the guest of Rubin Brown, Accountants, and was hosted by M&A specialist Dan Raskas. Bottom line, Dan oversees most of the stuff that I have no clue about. He sugar coats things in an external hard drive kind of way. He finds the things I can't find and then dumbs them down so I can place them gently in to the context of what I know and understand. I think we all need a guy (or gal) like Dan. He is smarter than me. Don't we all need smart people nearby?

The forecast was not as optimistic as most would have hoped. But who really thinks about that anyway? Real entrepreneurs are not focusing on somebody else to dole out that which will set a course. We make the course and adapt to the conditions. It appears that the government has had a thing or two with the condition, regardless of who's house it is.

Anyway, the forecast was made up of a bunch of stuff that....what the government said would happen that didn't and what the experts warned about but the government ignored.

So why even seek to find the value of what the fed does or says on anything? We already know how the leveraging works in relationship to the political spectrum. Ask an entrepreneur if he/she could spend a million dollars a day for the next 2300 years. That is the amount of the deficit, according to Beaulieu. Watch out for inflation, higher taxes too. The government has that to be responsible for next. And it is a certainty.

The real message was that, if you choose to be successful in this environment, you need to stay motivated--stay focused on bringing value to that which the market demands--we are IT! We the capitalists, the entrepreneurs, the trench workers. And lets not forget that we also happen to be whom our children will count on to work this shit out. And when it does get figured out, and I truly think it will improve, we won't be thanked one bit, not by anyone says Bealulieu. I thought he was absolutely spot on. If you ever get to hear this guy speak. Do it.

He closed with the most precious quote by Charles De Montesquieu:

"It is always the adventurers who do great things, not the sovereigns of great empires"

Pretty well sums it up. Bad politics are killing our country and we the entrepreneurs are the only knights worthy of picking up the pieces and righting it. Ask your politicians for an original thought, a solution to a problem, a plan with a win/win directive conducive to the way successful business is done today; during and after the recession. See if they get it. If not, toss them in the ditch and join in with those who will inevitably make the rules for the future. The entrepreneurs. The castle builders of tomorrow. It is our liberty to do so.

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