Thursday, January 14, 2010

West Newsmagazine Best Citizen Award

Well shucks. Not sure what to say here other than thanks Mark Johnson and Debbie Raskas and a couple others for what I suspect is some major viral ballot stuffing. Pregnant chat anyone?

Who would be comfortable with the title "Best Citizen"? I am honored and do hope that any influence from my efforts to increase awareness of "Living Well" is of community benefit.

But back to me. Honestly, the day started out like a dream...

When I woke up the house was silent. I could hear only the sound of bubbling bacon fat coming from downstairs in the kitchen. There was my wife, cooking up bacon omelette's with imported Gruyere cheese. Not the domestic crap. I motioned to the table where my kid promptly pulled the chair out for me to sit down and handed me a plaque with my award "best citizen" on it. A call from Lance was a nice touch but I had to cut it short, needing to save my energy for later.

I motioned to the stove top and immediately the omelet was placed upon the table in front of me, the protein (eggs, bacon and cheese pocket) in int he 6 o'clock position, as reaching over the protein angers me when trying to get to my favorite, Yukon gold hash brown potatoes flown from Washington State.

When finished I showered and requested the clothes from the closet and inspected them for the proper crease, from the prior evenings ironing. Barely acceptable, I finished with the hassles of personal hygiene and made my way to the car which had been properly cleaned and washed during the night and topped off with premium fuel for the weeks tasks.

I entered Lone Wolf to applause and cheers, a small child gave me a card with money it it and asked for an autograph. I pointed to my assistant and public relations specialist, Paul Krewet, and whispered, "take care of this spectacle for Gawds sake".

When I reached my office the press was there. TV, radio, it was a bit over the top, but I was prepared to.......


"I am going to take it out, dammit....when I am ready......I don't hear it coming...."

I thought to myself, does the trash really get picked up on Wed this week?


patchkit said...

Congrats Ralph.

Mark said...

No ballot stuffing on my part Ralph, not the way I roll. The honor is well deserved and likely only the beginning of many more honors to be bestowed over the coming years. Promoting an active outdoor lifestyle and connecting people to resources necessary for them to live out that lifestyle is an important contribution to the community. Keep it up. Your leadership provided the motivation for me to re-evalaute my lifestyle. Joined a health club and feeling better than I have in years. Now I can enjoy the outdoors, without the pain or fatigue that used to plague me. Keep up the great work.