Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Live Music

There are a few concerts that I would like to see coming up soon. But I swear if I end up going through the trouble to see one of my favorite bands from yesteryear after going to all the trouble, the parking, the gauntlet of smokers, the "hell yeah" eagle crying of thinning bleached mullet mop haired, leather wearing revellers...I may have a few things to say. Don't you always see a guy who looks just like Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife? Why are these people not arrested?

The casinos are a great place to go and see these bands. For example, Dave Mason is playing at Harrah's on January 21st. Dave Mason is a hero of mine. First because he was a good friend of Jimmy Hendrix and actually played the acoustic guitar on the huge hit All Along the Watchtower, written by Bob Dylan. But the dude was fairly connected during the time when British artists were making their way through the ranks of music history. Others Dave used to rub elbows with: Cass Elliot, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, early Fleetwood Mac folks.

And how about Ameristar Casino bringing in Foreigner on January 21st? (same night). Foreigner released their new album on October 2, 2009 titled Can't Slow Down. It was one of several recent classic rock releases (AC/DC, Kiss, others) to be released exclusively through the Wal-Mart stores chain. Ahem, can you say sellout?

Anyway, Mick Jones is the only original member left and, even though a revolving door of artists have come and gone through the years, Jones should be able to pull off a winner. I would recommend the show.

Don't go to the Kenny Rogers show on February 11th. Just sayin. Slice your wrists instead.

Pati Labbelle and the O'jays. At the Fox on Feb 18th. She is 66 now and the O'Jays are likely the same age. The only reason I would recommend is that the O'jays performed at the 2007 ESPY's in which our boy Lance was the host. Lance a Back Stabber? Well Ok then.

Now, BB King and Buddy Guy Feb. 8th at the Family Arena in St. Charles. Too bad it is there. I am not real fond of the Family Arena but hey, it is friggin BB and Buddy! The best thing about blues is that the older you get the better the sound. Buddy is Rolling Stones rated top 100 best guitarists of all time, known as the inspiration to Jimmi Hendrix, Clapton, Jimmy Page and Stevie Ray Vaughen. Catch this tribute to Stevie by Buddy.

George Straight and Reba McEntire, Feb 18th at Ameristar. Fine if you like that stuff. These two are pros and likely the best male female combo in Country and Western genre.

The Marshall Tucker Band Feb. 18th. Ameristar. Hey, I stumbled across this band in Portland Oregon without even knowing it was them. They always have a good show, do it now and sing all those songs with them. Because that is what you will do, and then you will spill your beer on the floor, on the cracked peanut shells, on your boots. Can I get a Hey'll Yeeah!


CockPuncher said...

"George Straight and Reba McEntire, ....likely the best male female combo in Country and Western genre."

Umm, you mean still alive? Maybe...maybe. I'll take Gram Parsons and Emmy Lou Harris all day long. The Possum and Tammy? Waylon & Jessi Colter? I like George Strait just fine, but Reba? Dude!!!

I am going to try like hell to hit BB & Buddy. I've seen 'em both a few times, but never together..

Congrats on the award, btw. Had lunch at LW the other day, sorry to have missed you. Always impressive, man. Hope it's all good. Cheers....CN

Ralph Pfremmer said...

Reba went mainstream on TV. That is why you hate her as much as Dolly. I would put Parsons and Emmylou as THE best. By the way, did you ever check out Return of the Grievous Angel produced by Emmy Lou. A compilation of GP songs with Elvis Costello and a host of others digging the founder of Country Rock. I put Buck Owens in with Gram Parsons, btw.

CockPuncher said...

Oh yeah, man. I have that Return record. Awesome. I'm w/ you on Buck, too. I don't hate Dolly. In fact, her bluegrass stuff is some top notch music. Not to mention the Grand Partons, ifyouknowhwatimtalkinabout. ;-)