Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reasons, Perspectives and Quotes.

I have to ask of you. Please? The stuff I write here is for my own entertainment purposes (and political), for my own advancement in intellectual and organizational endeavor; a means for me to become a little more educated on topics that interest me. By writing, the world comes in to focus. Try it. I have grown as a person and a writer, I know this. What an incredible tool we have afforded ourselves, the internet and the ability to express ourselves whenever and as often as we like. (Insert Wikileak bullshit here).

If my stuff influences you one way or another, great. You can opt in or out. But I do indeed write for me on thoughts and platforms that interest me. I don't really have my thoughts put together on the topics until I sit down and spit it out at the screen. The rule is that once I have created...something; the expression, having let it flow, vomited it out there, I have but one a rule; click on the little orange button, and publish it, with balls.

I usually do a little editing, some organizational stuff, but I try and keep it raw and within and hour or an hour and a half. The rule, again, is that once I take the time to do this crap, get passionate, slither in and out of Wikipedia to do the research (because often I do), once I organize my thoughts in a way that I can understand it, I publish it.

This has been for me, an experiment in social media, and the advancement of my own personal communications aptitude. Thank you for being my mentor.

Just for my own satisfaction, I thought I would grab some of my favorite quotes and post them here. No, the book has not been done yet. But there is some good stuff brewing in my skull and perhaps, if I can ever free up a couple months, I will get it out and get it done. It is going to take some solitude and likely a thimble or two of brown liquor, word. The early stuff was a little hard to take, I have come a long way.

So here goes. Enjoy...

On Tired Old Men

"Now, parallel parking a Yukon is a challenge in itself, especially when an old man with two squeaking dogs sticks his head in my window and calls me a moron".

A couple on Lewis Greenberg:

"Lewis is like a son who turns out to be...well...not exactly what you thought he should be. It is parenting in reverse".

"his property; a year round display of psychedelic, tie die, abstract Donner and Blitzen on acid deco, encircling the house, right in the heart of West County St. Louis. It is a long strange trip "being" with Lewis Greenberg, definitely a product of the drug years, the Vietnam war period, the Warhol years. He is an activist, an atheist/Jew (whatever the hell that means)"

On a New State of Mind, my first post in early 07:

"I make no bones about it from this point forward. I have been white picket fencing for 25 years and recently asked myself, "How did it happen, is this who I've aspired to be?" Now the hippie wants to talk and the yuppie is steady falling in to the abyss of preconceived notion, the white picket fencing relevant to the posturing and the conformity necessary to achieve. "What a long strange trip it's been".

On growing into fashion:

"I didn't know it then, but I would later toss the Texas look of the late 70's for the God awful 80's wedding singer fashion statement".

On getting fired from my golf course job:

"The icing on the cake was when, after sneaking back to the club for a midnight golf cart outing, we see another golf cart up on hole number 4. Thinking we were doing the right thing, we rolled up there to see who had stolen it, quite possibly doing harm to the cart or course. Turns out it was the golf pro himself, naked with one of the cocktail waitresses, skinny dipping in the lake where most of my golf balls had been deposited through the years".

On Vampires:

"They lure a persons energy in as/for their own, stripping, taking power, confidence and optimism from their host, in an attempt to control them, make them miserable, like they have become".

On Anxiety:

"It didn't help that we were in Argentina on the anniversary of the famous disco fire that killed a bunch of party revelers at a late night club back in 96".

On Zombies:

"Yup, candidates for Zombie's often find themselves in a lurch and seek fulfillment through the modern media, that which is driven by popular icons, pillars of controversy, sporting teams, virtual experience. Their perception is that which is given to them, from other zombies, others who subscribe".

On Paris Hilton:

"Out of nowhere Natalie says: Dad, I can't believe you think she is pretty".

On being confident:

"I was the only one of my kind: stupid, undereducated, less impressive, less experienced, less of a list of accomplishments, under classed, under dressed, balder, shorter, dirtier, less tan and any other "less than" that I could come up with".

On curbing indulgence:

"So I was thinking, would I have ever started a fitness quest without first being an indulgent?"

There yar, a smattering of stupid quotes. Keep coming back, help mold thyself. And comment often. The next generation of posts will certainly be digging deeper, ifyouknowhatimtalkinbout.

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