Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Florida and the Wolf Music Experience

"It is time to go to Florida" remarked my wife who, upon exiting the Corner Pub and Grill last night after dinner, damn near slipped an a patch of black ice. I couldn't agree more with her.

I can tell when my attitude starts becoming less than acceptable; the early to bed, the grumbling upon waking up in the dark, the staying later for work in order to keep from going to bed too early. I need an adjustment and the prescription is white sand, hot sun, live music and exercise (and not particularly in that order).

It is Siesta Key where we go each year, sometimes twice. You can't beat that beach, the most incredible sand in the country. It is the people I like too, not the fight for your life north eastern tourists who seem to get under my skin and fill the beach cities on the East side of the state. They always seem to be fighting with each other. Strangest thing.

I like the Midwestern folks who come down from Ohio, Missouri, Minnesota, Indy, to the gulf side. We see the same people each year, and watch them transform themselves, like we do, from pasty white to lobster red in a matter of just a few days. Later in the week we'll toast from across the room at any number of the restaurant and bars, running in to them and others who needed to get away, all "getting their relaxation on" at Siesta Key.

I am bringing my bike with me, as I always do, in order to kickstart the weight loss and contintue with the fitness buildup doled out by Strahan at Nutriformance, again. I can usually burn off 6 pounds by doing several 50-60 mile rides, a bunch of time trialing, with wind. The talent in the local shops, usually the fastest being the masters riders, is pretty decent, but I always seem to be able to shed whomever is on my wheel. I didn't do a lot of road miles last year, spent all my time in that damned boat and never really had a focus on riding bikes, other than the short tracks where I was able to ride midpack in the A's. Perhaps I will re-invent myself again, in to a "not shitty" bike racer...or not.

I am bringing my harmonicas. Since playing with Alvin and a host of other musicians this past year, I have gotten a little better. I bought a pretty nifty distortion filter that I will debut this evening on my Fender Junior reissue, I really like that amp for my harp playing. Looking forward always to Wednesday nights with the Browndogs and Alvin Jett. Alvin, Marlon and Nephew always make everyone feel so comfortable in our Blues Artist appreciation night, each Wednesday in the winter.

Look for something new coming in the spring. A house band for Sunday afternoons, some BBQ, S\burning some meat, some pretty cool stuff rolling out with some pretty cool music from the likes of Rockin Jake, Rich MCdonough, Alvin, many, more...

So I will be back refreshed, back with a purpose and with less attitude. Don't call me if you need anything. This is an important one.

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