Thursday, February 3, 2011

Annie the Dogs Bookend

There comes a time when, especially after a winter like this, the profile check in the mirror seems a little less than "flatbelly". It happens to me every year. I might also say that just prior to that, the subtlety of the buttons on my pants being just a little more difficult to fasten, and the search and find for the right hole for my belt buckle to latch, irritates me. I recognize this "condition" year after year, after a limited focus on fitness through the winter. It is a negative feeling, knowing that I have to muster up the courage to get it together for the O-Sport season. My condition being a bookend of what is to come. The focus returning soon, on that which allows me to enjoy the culture of competition and to be able to do things others can't.

I don't mind as much, staying on the indulgent side of the bookend, it's a hellofalot of fun. In fact, the body might have used the rest. The music culture has introduced me to a whole new group of people whom I would not have met, if I hadn't well, done what they do. I have spent more time with the family too. And lately, I have been spending time with my dog. I like animals.

My dog is special needs. (I know) but she was indeed a rescue down in the city and has some very severe issues with people and things that can hurt her, quite good at keeping herself away from harm. She suffers horribly from anxiety and loses focus at the drop of a pin. While she seems to do well outside, while running and moving, and being in the open, her "need to flee" mechanism is of great concern; if she perceives danger, she bolts. She won't sit in the same room with me, won't come when called, unless I have the leash in my hand and yell, "out". By the way, this is a technique that my wife uses when she is hungry and wants to be taken out to dinner.

I obey, in most cases.

Anyway, the Geezer asked if I wanted to ride bikes today. I took a pass and said that I was going to spend the entire day with my dog, Annie the Dog, in order to bond. I have found that the walking and outlay of a little discipline has helped. I have been taking her on walks for a couple of weeks now, several times a day. I think of it as breaking a horse, providing safety to her by encouraging her to stay near me, making her stay near me. Since she is not motivated by food, it makes it kind of tough. That is a bit of a paradox in itself. We are making progress and today will be a good test of her loyalty.

The bottom line, and this is where it comes together, is that the long hike today with Annie the Dog, in the woods, is likely what will spur my efforts at moving towards the other bookend. A training up of myself. The other place, away from the indulgence of salty snacks, beer and late night dining, indulgence. I am heading to the other side, the other place, because the groundhog didn't see his shadow and I am in need of a little motivation. Annie the Dog and I are gonna have a breakthrough today, ifyouknowhatimtalkingbout.

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