Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pfoodman employees are the best!

To the committed employees of Pfoodman...

I wanted to thank everyone for all of the hard work this past year and let you know that we are very excited about the future and have some exciting plans for the company in the planning stages. Along those lines, we are very pleased to announce the following promotions and transfers within the organization:

Russ Hunt is now the Corporate Director of Purchasing. Russ has been with Pfoodman from the start, fulfilling the role of Food Service Director at Lindenwood University with great success. Russ has played a key role in the development of the excellent program at Lindenwood and will assist in the roll-out of our new foodservice concepts and food court, while heading up our new purchasing department.

Chris Lupo will be taking over the Foodservice Directors position at Lindenwood University. Chris is excited about being back at Lindenwood and will be leading his team into the future. Chris’ leadership and results at St. Louis College of Pharmacy and Chaminade College Prep were a huge contribution to Pfoodman’s success in these endeavors.

Kiki Strecker will be taking on the role of Director of Sales and Marketing at Lindenwood University. Kiki has been a regional manager for Pfoodman, directing the senior living division while also coordinating the catering and management of the Wolf. Kiki will continue to keep her hand in some corporate functions while working with the client and leading the sales and catering team at Lindenwood.

Dave Klimuszka will be the Executive Chef for the new Commons at Lindenwood University. Dave will be heading up the roll-out of the new facility, leading his team and coordinating the opening of five Pfoodman branded concepts. Dave has been with Pfoodman since the start and we are excited to have him overseeing this critical element in the future of Pfoodman.

Steven Babler will be the Foodservice Manager over the current board cafĂ© for Lindenwood University. Steve’s culinary and management background along with his ambition and ability to take on new challenges will be a great fit for Lindenwood and Pfoodman.

Executive Chef John Buchanan has taken over the Food Service Directors position at Chaminade College Preparatory. John’s role as Executive Chef and his support of Chris were a key element to the success of the opening at Chaminade. His professional approach and culinary experience makes this a natural fit for John, Pfoodman and most importantly our client, Chaminade.

For those of you who were not aware, Jim Nethercott has taken over the position of Foodservice Director at St. Louis College of Pharmacy. Jim was the Foodservice Director at the Stratford at West Clay in Carmel Indiana, under difficult circumstances and came shining through. We are very excited to have someone with Jim’s experience and proven successes joining Executive Chef Jon Firganza and working to continue the successes at STLCOP.

Scott Elgart has taken on the role of Executive Chef at the Fountains of West County. Scott comes to us with a vast array of experience, most recently as the Executive Chef at Houlihan’s on Olive. Scott’s experience, personality and genuine concern for the residents and their needs, makes him the perfect fit for the Fountains.

Shellee Peuster is taking over the General Manager position at the J. Houston Tavern in Arrow Rock. This is an exciting project we are working on with Missouri Valley College. The Tavern will be utilized to offer on the job training for students enrolled in the Hospitality Studies program developed through the combined efforts of the School and Pfoodman. The tavern is part of the Missouri State Park in Arrow Rock and is the oldest continuously running restaurant west of the Mississippi. The Tavern opens on March 26th. We will keep you posted on all of the exciting developments at this property.

Congratulations everyone, including those of you who are reading this, your hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed. We appreciate each and every one of you and we look forward to building a great company together. Pfoodman continues to grow and I believe we have a very bright future. We are very glad to have you with us on that journey to success! Stay tuned for upcoming developments. Please let any of the management team know if you have any questions or need additional information.


Joe Griffard said...

Ralph, Kevin, Taylor and the's been so great to see you guys continue to grow and succeed. I never realized how lucky I was when I met you guys touring the space downstairs, and what a tremendous positive impact the WOLF would have on my quality of life and the surrounding community too. You guys are an inspiration to me to continue working hard on my business. That being said...I gotta go get me a cup 'o java...

herekittykitty said...

Congrats to all of the pfoodpeeps!