Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 14 Malt Beverage and the Facts

It is the beginning of day 14 and believe it or not, things have leveled off. My system has adapted to the amounts of food intake, far less in calories than I usually consume. I have successfully re-introduced exercise into my day, lifting weights and doing some cardio. I have ridden or done something every day since Friday. I am not sure why it was so hard at first, the legs felt dead, everything seemed to be of sluggish response. I read that it fades and by Golly it did. I elected not to do the Hybrid Workout at Nutriformance. Perhaps Friday. Core will be a huge thing when trying to get the abs back. I feel good, real good.

I have had multiple conversations about beer with my wife, she always saying, "I know why you have lost the weight its because of the beer". I think every time the topic of diet and renewal comes up, she says this, every time, non-stop, it is never ending. What a horrible way to inspire your man.

Fact is, she may be (a little right). Check out these facts fermintedelychallenged.com:

The average "light" beer has just over 103 calories in a 12 oz bottle. These beers are typically lighter in colored and lower alcohol beers. The range of calories in light beers vary between 65 and 120 calories.

The average microbrew or full strength craft beer has about 156 calories per 12 oz bottle. The darker the beer, typically the more sugars are involved and equate to more calories.

It takes approximately 3500 calories to account for 1 pound of weight added. So using the above data, it would take roughly 34 light beers worth of calories to put on 1 pound of weight (after you flushed away the waste fluids). But it takes just 22.5 regular beers to account for 1 pound of caloric weight.

One of the biggest and highest calorie beers in the world weighs in at over 300 calories. Compare that to one of the lowest calorie beers that comes in at just over 50 calories.

Don't you hate stupid facts like these? I am thinking its bullshit and the author of that article, I am mad at. He can in no way be one of us, not one of us who consider beer the nectar of Gods, the elixir of all ailments, the remedy for all things bleak, the eyeglasses by which they all things look better. Say it ain't so TTM!

I just put six new killer craft beers on tap at The Wolf, and I have not yet tried one of them. It is sad looking across the joint and seeing the beautiful amber colored pints, head just right, smiles on the faces of those indulging. Me holding my dome cup of Green Tea.

Well, I reckon I am still gonna take it at face value. I have one more week on the cleanse and then a re-introduction to a newer way of eating. Major fat burning local chick, Cat Ebling, is meeting me on Wednesday to talk about her Fat Burning Diet, and the book that she wrote. I plan on interviewing her as part of my own personal experience. Lets find out what this book is about.

Why the hell not? Why not stay on this bad boy of a good boy endeavor? I might even post my before and after pictures. (Shriek!) Just to disgust my wife and her pointing-of-the-finger at that which is at the heart and sole of American Male, mah belly. She now off on her own thing; a weight loss endeavor of her own. We do seem to be shopping a little bit more, rather than eating out as much, or in my case, not really eating much at all.


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Trail Monster said...

Duh Stupid facts indeed. Obviously the dude left the key board and his wife took over...
Beer is good in moderation. It's carbs and athletes need carbs. Daily beer probably not so good for you, unless I made it or someone else bought it...Free beer is good for you. Always remember that!

Day 1 down, not to bad...glad I spent couple weeks kicking caffeine and alcohol. A bit hungry near bedtime, ok this am. Hmmm what does a Trail Monster look like at 180lbs...?

BTW very interested in Cat's book and your interview.

PS...who's doing your make-up these days...your face looks aweful skinny...you trying to look like a roadie?