Tuesday, March 22, 2011

J. Huston Tavern Opens in Arrowrock

Well we did it, we opened another restaurant. It's called the J. Huston Tavern and it is kind of out in the middle of knowwhere, in Arrowrock MO. Noop, it ain't just any place, not to the folks who know it and loved it though the years. When I was a kid I remember going to Arrowrock to watch my cousin and a bunch of my friends play roles in the Walt Disney Production of Tom Sawyer. Johnny Witacker anyone? The kid from Family Affair? Doubt many of you remember, but the town was used as the backdrop. It is a historic place, managed in part by the State of Missouri, and several other groups keeping the place funded and open to tourism.

What is cool about this project is that we now have a practicum and hands on learning experience for the student in the Hospitality Program at Missouri Valley College. Students will be able to learn by applying academics in their own classroom, a real tavern. Now the term tavern doesn't mean that our students are working in a smoky bar, with a bunch of professional drinkers. The term tavern comes from colonial America 1800.

Larger taverns provided rooms for travelers, especially in county seats that housed the county court. Upscale taverns had a lounge with a huge fireplace, a bar at one side, plenty of benches and chairs, and several dining tables. The best houses had a separate parlor for ladies, an affable landlord, good cooking, soft, roomy beds, fires in all rooms in cold weather, and warming pans used on the beds at night.

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