Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sean Coray Takes Stage on Jimmyleg deal

Meet Sean Coray, if you have not heard of him yet you will. Jimmyleg cohort, Mathew Mossotti, introduced me to him not long ago and put together a show with Sean and another one of our towns talents, Clayton Jones. They both opened for Scarlet Tanager, a whimsical folk genre that likely belongs in a category of its own. Sean played among the early arrivals talking and getting served food. Most players would have gotten lost in the chatter. I want to tell you something. Sean is an idol. The man can sing with soul, ma brothas and sistas. So of course Jimmyleg signed him to multiple shows at The Wolf in order to help him craft his trade and develop his brand. I can't wait to see him with a trio. Can't wait to hear him play his songs deep and emotional, in light of all that he has overcome. Seans story is one of perseverance and it comes through in his songwriting. Say it now: Jimmyleg told you about this one.

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