Saturday, September 10, 2011

For the I am not sure I know what the heck I am doing file

From left to right:  Nephew Davis, Marlin Harris, Alvin Jett, Arthur Roland, Sean Coray, Ralph Pfremmer

Steve Richard, Ralph "Jimmyleg" Pfremmer, Arthur Roland

Sean Coray shredding his recording session.
 Lately I have been on journey. And yes, I am back at riding bikes furiously in anticipation of Burning at the Bluff and the Cyclocross season. It just feels better being fit, way fit, ifyouknow.....I actually had to force myself to not ride the past two days because my legs were heavy from lack of rest. Not a good thing to do when you get towards fifty. Rest is important. The new journey is also one that requires rest. This new culture that I have been a part of for the past three years has produced many things, and rest is not on the list. Thursday night was my first endeavor in to producing music. I raised my hand to help Frank Vanbree, CEO of Urban Future, in an effort to try and raise a bunch of money for his non-profit. I strongly agree with Urban Futures mission and purpose, so when asked, I was eager to help. My role as a music promoter has evolved and I needed the challenge of doing something great, by producing a CD that would spearhead a CD release party, which is just a clever as punch way to host a gala event. Thursday and Friday I directed the efforts of a bunch of folks to help produce the Restoration Blues CD, featuring Alvin Jett and Phat Noiz. Other artists on the album will be myself, Jimmyleg, 6 time grammy winner Arthur Roland of the Blind Boys of Alabama. Others coming in to lay down next week, Rich Mcdonough, Eric Mcpadden, Rockin Jake and Roland Johnson. I also too the opportunity to get likely one of the best unknown artists out there, Sean Corey. I will post his recording soon. Why switch gears to music in my late 40's? Mainly because I own a music venue and play there a bunch, in addition to booking all of the shows there and other places around town. I have learned a thing or two about the people and the customers, the likes and dislikes of the consumer, the differences in genre and the artistic movement playing a role in how I go about booking the right music for the right venue or event. I have even branded my new endeavor, Jimmyleg Presents, in an effort to, well, brand it. I brand everything, most of you know this by now. Branding is the way my mind works, everything boxed and labeled and for what purpose. Branding creates distinction, branding allows for the follow through of storytelling and conceptual broadcast, consistent with whatever it is the brand is supposed to do. I am a friggin branding freak. I have been doing it (dreaming up brands) with food and restaurants concept for the past 15 years on my own dime, developing a handful of restaurant concepts for food courts. We recently launched a new food court last month at Lindenwood University. My accomplishments: The Lone Wolf Coffee Company, The Wolf Public House, Wild Thymes Wellness Center, Pepitas Burrittos, Wai Cha Asian Wok, many others. I find this stuff fun. Supported by strict adherance to operating standards, I might add. Personal branding is where the meat on the bone lies. I love to develop personal brands. My first and biggest was Pfoodman, me. The "P" is silent, like in my last name Pfremmer. Anyway, Steve Mahoney was just as nice as can be letting us use his studio, Four Seasons Media Productions. Steve, thank you very much. Gary Holiday engineered the whole thing. Alvin, Nephew and Marlin were a blast to work with. Enjoy a couple photos...

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