Saturday, April 28, 2007


I really can't deal with pessimism very well. You know the old saying: "my glass is always half empty", the "Schleprock" thing, black cloud following you around stuff. I try and be positive and look at life the way a newborn does...well almost every day, life is filled with fun cool things to figure out. I think life is all one big puzzle. We have to display good Karma in order to figure out how the pieces go together. We do this in many ways, religion, politics, teaching.

A robot told me that we are programed with a micro chip but I think that is crazy talk. I think we are given fear along the way. It is like, should our situation not "end up" really positive, lots of money, serenity, boats, cars, (I will not put golf in this) things might be really, really disappointing. I am convinced that we harbor this manipulo-program-guilt-conformation gland or micro chip or whatever to sustain life, to try hard to survive. So the human race will keep things going. Some are equipped with relentless pursuits of achievement. I may have had a swig too many of that, I will own it. Hey, if it all falls apart, I will worry most about my employees, not me and mine. There are others in my circles, who simply rock at "making it".

Fact is, some of the happiest people I have ever met live in mobile homes, live pay check to paycheck. Dudes, attend a family reunion in Cedar City MO sometime, that is a party, ride up in one of your best Voodoo Cadillacs, have some BBQ and a PBR, listen to the generations of happiness. God Bless those mobile homes.

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Colorado Ken said...

I always thought it was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...not just a pot.