Friday, May 11, 2007

Biff and the Monster Truck

Alright, so I have been singling out some of the funnies of the wealthy, some of the idiosyncacies of the rich and famous and/or wannabee culture. They are an easy target, you have to admit. There are other groups that can be "outed" as to their peculiarities, this group simply "popped" in. A brief list of likely future subjects:

Anyone from Alabama
Competitive Cheer leading
Home Town Buffet patrons
Square dance competitors
Wal-Mart checkers
Jiffy Lube (when the technician brings you the color comparison of the oil)
Public displays of affection (hetero and/or other)
Drunk People
Dog walkers replacement, the industry in general.
Hair removal

Just park your car at Sam's. Sit back and enjoy the show. If you can stand to have your car doors exposed that is. There, between palates of chunky peanut butter, is where life in America dwells, in the parking lot of Sam's or Wal-Mart. Ask these people what the hell we plan on doing about global warming. They say something like this: "Is it open yet"?

But as Jim pointed out on his commentary, what about me? What is up with the X5 with the bike wrack on top, the yellow tie and the genetically attached trio, as spotted on highway 40, leaving Clayton of all places, yesterday.

Fact is....well....I have been conforming. We all possess a chameleon gene. It is right next to the cerebral cortex, the same part of the brain that has to do with pleasure, hunger, stuff like that . So logically, there is a rationalization to my conforming, that my....yuppie image is a uniform, armor for the battle, war face, facade, whatever. I have to do business a certain way. Plus, the BMW is truly the ultimate driving machine. Fact is I bought it off of a guy who was in jail and needed the money for bail.

I think the best thing for you to do would be to read my initial post on this blog. I shall read it again as well, in order to re-connect. And because I was busted, I will also bust my ass in the endurance class on Saturday at Castlewood State Park. That will be punishment enough.

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