Wednesday, May 16, 2007


An interesting angle on how our parents get old. I talked to my mom the other day and asked her, after a brief telephone conversation with her husband, who is 78, and whom I have only had smalltalk with through the years:

"So, what's going on?".

And my mom says something like this, but not limited to:

"Not much, Jesse sits around a lot".

And I say somethin like:

"Well, he is 78 years old"

And I thought to myself: (reprints available)

"I don't feel old. I feel better than most people, better than a 25 year old. I truly feel this way- I feel as sexy and as strong as I did years ago, more so, because I know who I am, and it is defined by my commitment to fitness and the practicum of my lifestyle. The reason I live is the culture that I have become a part of, accustomed to. I do it for me, not because of a diet or subscribed, prescribed or self imposed addiction, I am fit".

And Jesse would think this if he were to see a reprint:

I am totally 35 years older than that POS. How dare he call me out on the fitness thing? I am sitting here watching golf because I have already played 18 and it is indeed the time to relax and drink a malt beverage of my choice, I am having a nice nap".


herekittykitty said...

Ah yes the brain vs. body conundrum. I too am afflicted. Although my knees might disagree. Do we ever feel old, or is it just a manifestation of age?

Ralph Pfremmer said...

Old is not a feeling or a condition, pain is though. It is an indication of need. You might need to quit doing something, when pain comes. You might need to start doing something too, to get rid of the pain. It is a paradox. Pain is good for humans. Motivation is the real struggle. Pain is can be very motivating, or not.

Anonymous said...

ok you fitness freak. Step down gingerly off the box. Point taken.