Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pungo Swims!

That's right. She has sat quietly in the garage for six weeks now, waiting for the time for her maiden voyage, which happened yesterday, after a 70 mile road ride.

Now I wouldn't normally put the two together, cycling is indeed all about legs and Kayaking, all about upper body. The plan was to paddle upriver as far as I could go, then take it easy on the way back. The upriver paddling proved to be a solid workout. Seeking out still water is the key. Now I have somewhat of an understanding of the Conquer Castlewood plan of attack. The canoe portion of the event is basically the same coarse that I did. Knowing where the stillwater is, is important to the efficiency of moving through the water. No wonder I have always gotten my ass handed to me on the canoe leg. If you know where to go, it is much easier.

I suppose I will show up to volunteer since the race is full, according to this.

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