Thursday, May 31, 2007


So here I sit, day two of the Oklahoma trip. Edmond OK, to be precise. It is home of the Interurban Restaurant. Kevin and I landed there for a brief time during our stay there, as per our directives from hotel gal Megan, who when asked for a brew pub, she pointed us there. I never really “got” the theme--the name Interurban, for a restaurant and bar. I am still struggling to decipher the meaning. The menu said that the restaurant had been around since 1979. There was a picture of a city bus on the awning, a railroad track logo, kind of a city-inner-urban-trainwreck-mumbojumbo…that serves burgers and beer. That’s about all she wrote.

I found it interesting when visiting the restroom, nodding to the cook on my way in, he on his way out. While standing at the urinal humming to myself a rendition of John Lee Hooker’s, Dimples, water creeped out from under the bathroom stall door (where the cook had been) encircling my feet. At the end of….the song, I was standing in an inch deep of “overflow”. The dude had clogged it all up, knew about it, and bailed so he wouldn’t have to deal with it. He hurried back to work, back to putting mayonnaise on ya’ll’s hamburgers. Well, we didn't quite stay at the Interurban much longer, seeing as though the only bathroom in the place had the manager and two of the hostesses cleaning out the commode while the people stacked up at the door and the cook just smiled and waved.

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