Friday, June 8, 2007

Laythom Bing

Man, I have not had much time to do much of anything. There are no bike stories because I have not ridden my bike for a couple weeks. No worries, just means you cycling guys will be kicking my butt, when I return. As for my employees, it will be worth the effort. I usually take a brief period training break around this time each year. It just seems to happen that way, with work being a little more busy nowadays, and cycling taking a little less of a focus than prior years. I needed a break to get fat again, then work it off, repeat.

The good news is that I have been enjoying my new Kayak, thanks to the great people at Alpine Shop for hooking me up with the Pungo 140 at their tent sale back in February. I have been doing some 3 hour (boat) rides up river, on the Meremac, occasionally getting out and exploring new perspectives on Castlewood and Chubb, not seen from the river before. Pretty cool stuff. Going to do a couple epics soon, on the Eleven Point and White Rivers in Southern MO.

I have also been playing tennis and buying a bunch of cool pastel colored sweaters that I can "buffy" hang over my shoulders when sitting at Starbucks with my new friends Dirk Farnsworth, Laythom Bing. Not really, but my daughter is really upping her game and she wants some of this 45 year old tennis goodness, so I bring it, and kick her A out there. Word to the 15 year old tennis geeks: don't think you can kick my A.

Pfoodman/Silverset landed a new account in the Kansas City area with a new client, which will be our next imprint into our mission to be in multiple metro markets and grow in each community using our unique strategy used in the St. Louis region. Soon we will be in Denver, last month we started in Indianapolis, with another client, also a senior living community developer.

Pfoodman, which started as an idea forged out of necessity to generate brand identity back in 2002, operates three divisions as our managment company, Hospitality Services Inc. Hospitality Services, Silverset and Execuserve comprise our position in the market, each servicing a segment of "lifestyle" in the institutional food service market. Our consulting company, Hospitality Marketing Associates, seems to be generating a load of new business, due to our approach to business incubation and unique partnerships with our vendors and clients.

Pfoodman/Wapiti is now up and running and our first client, Sara Lee Corporation is scheduled next week. We have multiple presentations taking place with this company in the next several weeks. It should be a good time and our employees are looking forward to being a part of this new exciting "outdoor event management" endeavor.

Some pretty exciting stuff taking place for our family of Pfoodman. There is much in front for all employees. But that doesn't mean we don't take time out to do what matters the most, outdoor stuff, meditation stuff, hiking, cycling and whatever makes you feel good. I have to schedule it in now, for the sanity of it all. I suggest everyone do that too.

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