Saturday, June 9, 2007

Paris Hilton

While searching for a suitable photo of jailed Paris Hilton, I came across this sexy pic of her dog. I was afraid that an actual photo of Paris might compromise this blogs standards of "keeping it clean". I reviewed about three hundred photos of Paris, none possessing the quality that I was looking for, this one is perfect.

So when I returned home from work yesterday and found my daughter Natalie and Janie sitting on the couch watching CNN, Fox or MSNBC, the ones with the ticker running below the screen and all the constant updates on the worlds troubles, I was a little concerned. The Paris story was at the forefront, her return to jail, her breakdown. The Reverend Al was there soaking up the limelight, as was every expert yo-yo lawyer, retired judge in LA, vying for media attention, taking pot shots at the glamour girl, all trying to make sense of the media hype, the phenomena, waiting for...hell, a suicide, I guess. They had one of those aerial copter followings like back when OJ went on a low speed car chase. The cops yanked her out of her manse and hauled her in to jail, again.

So I mumbled something relatively innocent, under my breath, like: Man, that Paris is one hot number". Or maybe it was: "Dude, I think I saw a boob on that last piece of footage". Or it might have been: "I wonder if her mom is hot?" It didn't matter what I said, really. The girls were armed and ready.

Out of nowhere Natalie says: Dad, I can't believe you think she is pretty.

So I say back to the two women sitting, staring into the ticker tube like robots: "Who wouldn't think she is pretty"?

And off we went into a twenty five minute argument about Paris Hilton, her life, her troubles, her magnificence. It was truly sad that I found myself pulled in, engaged, intellectualizing that which is of no real significance to anything other than a post for the media to hang a hat on.

I am so going to the mountains. Leaving for Telluride on July 2nd. I may stay there for good and sell tie die pfoodman t-shirts out of the back of a Vanagon to finance some new XTR.

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Craig said...

Aha! The real reason you've dropped out of riding has finally emerged.

Pop culture sucks. My rant could be longer than your posting, but I absolutely hate the thought of my kids' formative years being driven by CNN and Fox's lust for ratings at any cost.

My mealy-mouth co-workers are either talking about pro sports or this kind of drivel because they have no lives. This vacuous existence of these Midwestern zombies is enough to make you want to go on a killing spree sometimes.

I just walked in this Monday morning to be asked the beyond-trite "how was your weekend?" question. OMFG, that makes me want to strangle these idiots. Please dispose of your pleasantries and resume watching Paris and Nicole/Britney/Lindsay/OJ/Princess Di....

Let's go in on a shack in the mountains and only make excursions into town for bike parts only when necessary