Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back in Black

Back in Black, an appropriate title for this latest blog entry. That song always makes me feel good, gets the tempo going, brings me back to the day when there was nothing but the Rock and Roll partytude. It plays now, distorted on the little speakers connected to the box that didn't exist when the song was conceived. My kid just slammed the basement door.

Yep, sorry I have been gone. Writing is cyclical, is it not? I have to seek out "ponder ables", in order to provide commentary on the things that I feel are important. Things "pop in" and if the timing is right, I sit and bang out a stupid story. Truly, I was really saving up for a turbo rhetoric piece on the IRS but I ended up getting the case abated in which I was right and they were wrong. The world is about logic. Pieces fit or they don't. Bureaucracies are filled with illogic (not a word). Square pegs. My world is round and will always be round. Idiots will always have a square peg in my manual.

Sullivan is pissing me off because I have to play the guitar with my fingers instead of a pick all week. I committed to this because I know it is in my best interest. Velojim, Johan, Jim Sullivan, former mechanic for Ghissalo, before getting axed, has been giving me blues guitar lessons and, I have to be honest with you, he knows what he is doing. In fact, he has been a huge influence for music. Just yesterday my wife says: "You know, I don't despise your playing as much as I did before". I am so getting a gig someday. I figure I will be a lobbyist as well. But not in the same outfit.

Fact is, I plan on laying down all pre-conceived notions of retirement, middle age; whatever the hell the over 45 age group calls for. I have compiled a list of bullet points that I will live by. I mean, after all, I got Wapiti. If you don't know what Wapiti is you will soon. It is a way of life, friends, a friggin cult. Look for apparel in stores soon.

Anyway, here is my list of stupid things:

I will continue to ride my bike where other folks can't because I can still shred a leg or two and as long as Bauer and Schuck are older than I, and Thrasher younger, I will rise to the occasion. By the way, if I haven't said it before, Krewit is the Main GNOD, the Grandmaster Geezer, for which all is looked up upon. Amen. By the way, sorry we missed you at the Ranch last week. I received 106 chigger bites on my kanks. Say Geez, who invented those friggin things and why? Seems a little overkill.

I will play some music and sing some songs because I don't suck all that much anymore.

My quest for mastering things, recognizing patterns and relationships is my trick. I want to perfect this.

I may learn a second language, to talk with other cool people. I have a new Korean friend. I want to learn how to say "pedicure" in Korean.

My first song as a performer will be a little diddy on a big red four wheel drive damnation van with a hot shower on the back.

So that is the short list.

A quick tally of reconstructive surgeries: two shoulder repairs, (one of which I still have the metal and screws) two knee surgeries, a bone repair (tailbone) from a skating issue. a facial reconstruction on the orbit bone from football in high school and another knee scope today, my goal is to give back this capsule(body) to the earth played out, used up, put to full use, welded down, full throttle for the right reasons, firsthand experiences of what there is out there. I will have touched the lives of as many as possible, made a difference, changed the world, suffer no regrets for not doing things today that I might not be able to do tomorrow. Of course I will piss a couple people off from time to time. Pain is living folks. Go get ya some.


Craig said...

Hope yer knee Doc ain't movin' to the Vet's Hospital for the reasons most of 'em do ;-)

Good luck on the rehab, sister.

Ralph Pfremmer said...

Hmm. That would be which reason?

I am canceling.

Anonymous said...

Sheez! If'n you wanna know Korean, tell me what you want to say. The squaw is working over there...actually she just got back. I now have to pick up my underwear and the beer bottles I left in the bathtub.


Colorado Ken said...

"My first song as a performer will be a little diddy on a big red four wheel drive damnation van with a hot shower on the back."

Can you make it to the tune of "Convoy"?

herekittykitty said...

Do you remember playing air guitar in the front of a beat up truck as a family back in the early 80's.