Sunday, July 29, 2007


As much as I would like to claim initial style point recognition, the concept of the Ruckus was given to me from a tip from Lil Buddy, small engine guru.

Local bicycle racer Chris Ploch, of the Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ), purchased one of these first, then I went down and got one from Dave Mungenast Motor Sports, in St. Louis. Since I was looking for a new statement to meld up with my "Going Green" attitude, I went down and bought one last week. 100 freaking miles to the gallon! Did you hear that? Ride it like a bike, the 49.5 cc motor has its advantages.

So yes, last week the SUV was parked for two days, while this is now my preferred mode of transportation when possible. Oh, I got rained on already, and had to get a biscuit while waiting it out, in Frontenac. Baby steps.

By the way, if you choose to seek out the Ruckus, buy one and enjoy the release of guilt from your gas guzzling American oil monger, ask for Josh, give him my name. He will pay me twenty five bucks, in which I will in turn donate to a scholarship fund for some college kids.

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Craig said...

No justice... I told you about the Ruckus and Little Buddy gets the credit.

Mine gets 150 mpg, but won't top 30 mph so it sits in the garage mostly. At least mine has pedals :-)