Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hawkins new "boutique" bike

Yes, after a disaster with the fisher full suspension sway fest extravaganza. Silent D, The Hawk, Femur or whatever pet name of the week we choose to call him, recently purchased what I consider incredible style-ishious hard tail 29er goodness. Now that he is back to riding a bike at least, points are only awarded if you ride the freaking thing. Just in time for the end of the season, but hark, Burnin and Cyclocross awaits. I have again gotten him back in shape.

Um, question...WTF is the frame doing on the couch?

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Anonymous said...

Want a lightly used Fisher suishy/flexy XL frame and shock? I'll even throw in the front derailleur and a new headset. Everythingelse went over to the On-One Inbred. The build is complete, but the maiden ride was rained out today. Lookin' forward to the Burnin' and Cross season.