Friday, September 28, 2007

Super Size this

OK, I think we are quite indulgent. We as a people, species, society, whatever. It can't be mistaken. WE ARE FAT. And I really think that people should be who they are, and if being a fat slob is who we aspire to be, so be it. I have known many a fat slob, had very good friends, girlfriends, mentors, uncles and aunts, I have loved many a fat slob, eaten with them too, talked about how good lunch was, what I am doing for dinner, stuff like that. Frankly, you can't help but like the teddy bear types, those with weaknesses far beyond your capacity to understand the troubles with over indulgence, if you are not over indulgent yourself. I am lucky to be a freak about my fitness I suppose. There is a reason why I have injuries from falling off bikes, almost drowning, blown out both knees in tennis, shoulders in Softball. I am thinking indulgence is notsobad, in the scheme of things. Less surgeries, maybe.

I was at Mike Duffy's Pub and grill last night and all one has to do is look around to see prime examples of over indulgence. You can tell what the hell is going on in our country, a perfect view right from your potato skins. We sat in the smoking section because the non-smoking section is in the back, in a closet like banquet room that lacks the "pub" feel and, for God's sake, I have to be seen. There the healthy people were, back in the back, segregated. We sat in a booth amongst the comfy people busy smoking, drinking, eating...burgers, while dipping french fries in ranch dressing.

We all had the small Duffy's salad, I had a bowl of chili (I am still eating some 9 hours later). I could never be fat, again. I would never sleep. Eating dinner late night kick starts my mo tab and I'll toss and turn because of it. My kidneys back up, I pee a lot, I will bug the hell out of my wife, because I am up and down, up and down. We at late last night, after Princesses tennis match, in which she slaughtered the competition. She was rewarded with a heaping pile of chicken drummies, and a salad. We indulged, but didn't necessarily over indulge.

That is why we are fat, we feel we are entitled to unnecessary over indulgence, because we can. So say the statistics, lists of newspaper reportage's, documentaries and prime time news shows. We disregard the warning signs, we need to be comfortable, soothed, fattened. As I looked around at the tables, some of the patrons could hardly fit in the chairs, captain chairs, with a limited amount of room for the ass. There was one couple who asked for two banquet chairs, those without arms, for more comfort. Don't get me wrong, I love Mike Duffy's, Bruce Frailey is a good friend and long ago, I opened up that restaurant and worked there as a manager, back in 89. It was a good time doing that, purveying the fuel of over indulgence, fattening the stock. It is what I do, and I was indulgent too, back then.

We see the obesity daily, on our way to work, our places of employment, where we spend our time each day carving out our place in society, producing and using resources, bought and sold, churning away in an economy that feeds upon itself. It is no wonder that the fast food companies inject some sort of secret addictive chemical in to fast food, right? It is a competitive market, there needs to be a controversy. There surely must be some hidden conspiracy to keep the fat people coming back. Maybe it is the carbon from open flame, maybe it is trans fat, french fry oil. There has to be something that someone can be liable for. Or maybe we just get fat because we can.

Princess came home with "Super Size Me" the other day, a movie documentary produced with the intention of exposing the fast food giants irresponsible distribution of unhealthy food, resulting in addiction, of all things, obesity and overall bad health. She had the assignment from her health class to watch the movie. Morgan Spurlock got the idea for the documentary when he was lying on his couch at his family's house shortly after Thanksgiving dinner, watching TV when he saw the news about two teenage girls suing McDonald's for making them obese. Yes, the same people who patronize attorneys on daytime TV are the ones who sue people on frivolous claims. My favorite line in the movie was "I guess the big question is, who do you want to see go first? You? Or them?"

I watched the film with Princess, she is a kind of a health freak, a very good athlete and obviously concerned about what fuel she puts in her body. A lot has rubbed off on her, seeing her father aspire to greatness wannabee, riding bikes, doing a lot of outdoor stuff. She is proud of me, and she has molded herself a bit, after some of my accomplishments. I find this quite satisfying, the fact that she has taken my lead on health and wellness. Had she known me all too well prior to her being born and before my fitness re-invention, she might not have turned out so good.

Natalie is not an over-the-top health freak. She has to be on the down low at times. Last year she was a vegetarian, another class project from another health teacher. She did it as an experiment, as an assignment for a week, she was to write about it as part of her project. She stayed with it for about a year and eventually went back to eating animal protein because she had trouble getting what she needed as an athlete, a swimmer and tennis player. What was funny is that there were times when I found myself in the position of defending her want to be a vegetarian. We would get comments and overtones suggesting that she had an eating disorder. Not because she was thin, was purging or bulimic, it was simply based on the assumption that, since she did not eat meat, there must be something wrong, or she must be headed toward profound illness. Bullshit! It was her idea to start a wellness program and her idea to adjust her program to include animal protein, because of her increased calorie burn.

She has learned a lesson in health, one that is very enlightening, one that will stay with her for life. With any luck, she will pass this on to her students, when she becomes a teacher, coach and overall ambassador to fitness, and others will follow. Maybe we will seek out ways to improve the health care crisis, reducing obesity and the health ramifications that come with it.


Colorado Ken said...

Super Size This is a great movie.

Let's see:
the worst state for obesity is MS (I think he said) with 1 in 4 adults being obese.

1 in 4 americans [choose to] eat at McDonalds each day.

You do the math... Sounds like personal choice to me. I personally can't stand McDonalds, except for breakfast while on the road. Mmmmm

Craig said...

You wrote all that before 5:53 AM? Geezus, dude, that fatty food must've gotten you a real buzz.

Some of the best parts of Supersize Me are in the DVD extras... check those out.

Personally, I found a few things remarkable.

1. The Blubberbutts that drank 9 gallons of sugary (high-fructose corn syrup, actually) soda every day and Mr. B was in for gastric bypass.

2. The skinny dude who was the Big Mac world champion was quoted like "...but I NEVER eat the fries".

Kenny, I watched you guzzle enough malt beverage in one week to last a year. Maybe Spurlock needs to come to CO and do a sequel called "IPA me". :-)

Nutrition was just linked to violence and depression in prisoners. Don't know the details, just caught it on CNN HN. Basically, feed the cons healthy foods and they become less violent and happier people. The control group stayed the same. Interesting...

Colorado Ken said...

Time must be off...that was 6:53 AM my time, but life has been hell since my beer-chugging vacation with you guys so the hours have been long.

Coincidentally, I am reading/writing this while drinking a Conductor IPA from Steamworks Brewery out of Durango. Yes, I love my IPAs. Very hoppy and very tasty. I can burn the calories when you come out to ride next year ;-) ...or maybe ski season.

Boz said...

While Jennifer and I were grabbing a bite to eat last night we had virtually the same discussion of the size of people and their eating habits. Amazing stuff. We definitely feel like the minority when we teach our kids (verbally, as well as by example) healthy eating habits. Good piece, now we'll watch the movie.

Ralph Pfremmer said...

IPA's do not count. I actually think there is a correlation to wellness...