Saturday, September 29, 2007

Flipping the Bird?

Mogus posted this on It is the Defiance passing of the Tour of Missouri, taken from his phone, I suppose. We sat there for a few hours, and the 5 minute parade was over before you know it. Becky Cato had burgers and brats, wonderful.

But hey, I was looking real close. I need to clarify. It appears that I am standing there, flipping the bird to the riders. The fact is, I had a COW BELL in my hand. I hold no grudges against professional racers. It is not my style to give the finger. You guys make up your own minds. But I am telling you now, it was COW BELL.

1 comment:

Colorado Ken said...

I thought it looked like you were taking a cell-phone picture...or flipping the bird.